Friday, March 30, 2007

Ambitious April

April is starting to stack up as quite a busy month. I’m a social person (when it doesn’t involve cleaning my house or having people over), so I’m glad to see it fill up.

Here’s what’s on my dance card for April:

Friday, April 6
Dinner and games with Mom, Gary, Angie, and Tim at Angie and Tim’s new house

Sunday, April 8
Easter dinner up in Geneva at Bill and Sally’s (my brother-in-law’s family) with Brett side of the family plus Mom and Gary

Tuesday, April 10
Evening work event WAY out in Boone county – nice, long drive…make me glad I get reimbursed for mileage!

Friday, April 13
Spanish Movie Night – Angie gets extra credit is she goes to movie night for her Spanish Class at Rock Valley College, and she’s asked me to go and be supportive…so I go…and learn some Spanish!

Saturday, April 14 (morning)
Ladies Spring Tea at Mom’s church, First Baptist

Saturday, April 14 (evening)
Play up at Maranatha with Brett, Mom, Gary, Aunt Jan, and Uncle Darryl

Tuesday, April 17
Work dinner and schmoozing with the local YWCA – includes dinner, special speaker, and (again a plus) mileage reimbursement…so it’s not so bad!

Friday – Saturday, April 20 – 21
The Grace and Truth Conference (see link at right), the ladies spring “retreat” event at our church. Mom’s going, too!

Sunday – Thursday, April 22 – 26
Trip to Tennessee to see Charity, Colleen, BJ, and the Gaglianos, and to see Aunt Laurie receive a tribute for twenty years of service as a pastor’s wife at their church, South Haven Baptist. This is still tentative, as I am waiting to see if I can get off work, but it looks very probable. Traveling companions include Mom and Candice. Plus if Grandma decides to go then also Aunt Jan and Aunt Louise. REALLY looking forward to seeing my sister-cousins!

Saturday, April 28
Fiddler on the Roof matinee at the amazing Fireside Dinner Theater. Also attending – Brett, Mom, Gary, Aunt Jan, and Uncle Darryl.

It looks to be QUITE the busy month!

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