Monday, March 19, 2007

Working with Wit

There are days when working in an office environment just drains you of every ounce of positive energy. One fun way to make the whole thing bearable is to commiserate with your co-workers. This is especially fun when the SAME co-worker is driving you BOTH nuts. Here are some funny e-mails I unearthed from recent Friday afternoon when my co-worker and I (apparently) had enough with a *certain* person.

My co-worker:
Did you hear what she just said to me? She asked me if her taking over meetings was helpful or endearing….

So, I smiled…because that would be neither….

And I responded with….”ummm…sometimes it’s helpful, and other times it’s oh my! Don’t talk to her today!”

She laughed…I think she knows that she’s crazy….

One surefire sign of madness is thinking that you may be going mad. Perhaps she’s finally at that point.

Endearing? More like Endora from Bewitched.

My co-worker:
How can taking over a meeting and acting like a crazed person be endearing? Endearing? Really? Nothing about her screams endearing.

Screaming seems like the right response to her taking over a meeting.

My co-worker:
Talk about a Freudian slip! I meant “seems” endearing. I guess my subconscious knows what I really mean.

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