Friday, March 30, 2007

Stuffed Up Snogging...I mean, Blogging!

Well, it turns out I WAS indeed stuffed up. And now, indeed, am quick sick with a COLD!

Ah, yes the spring cold. But, of course, since I am STILL behind on my project, I am here at work, battling it all out. And I’ll be here Saturday, too.

Brett’s off today. Which is kind of too bad, since he TOO has a cold. The two of us sounded like sinus engines last night. I can’t imagine how bad the snoring must have been. Thankfully, we both slept right through each other’s loud honking.

I did have to go in the other room to read my book though, since I kept reading the same line every time he cleared his throat and coughed. Brett’s a big guy with big lungs, so when he coughs, it’s like being all cuddled up to an air horn.

The worst part is that I have a fever (so I’m sweating here at my desk – now I have my fan on me, so it’s a little better) and my head is stuffed up and feels heavy. I just hope to make it though the day okay.

Not many people in my office come to work (or if they come, they don’t stay very long) on Fridays, so not many people should bother me. Probably, Friday IS the best day to be sick and still be at work. And since I now have an office WITH a door, I can just shut it, and most people will only come in if they have to.

My co-workers are an interesting lot. We have (as all offices do) a lot of inter-office politics and a gossip chain like you wouldn’t believe. There are all sort of people in my office, and all with their little “quirks” and ways of beating the “system.”

Just recently, I heard that several of my co-workers think I’m a “hypochondriac.” Which I’m not, so I wasn’t really all that offended.

Ever since this one woman I work with survived her heart attack, she thinks everyone is just “faking” it when they get sick, so I’m pretty sure it came from her. In fact, when I took medical leave for my endometriosis surgery, she changed “medical leave” to “vacation” on the office calendar, and tried to pretend she didn’t.

Again, I don’t care, but I guess I must be at least a little sensitive to it, since I only told one person about this cold before I hid out in my office.

So, I’m “suffering” alone in silence, but at least I shared it with Brett! Now he can’t say I never gave him anything! (Smile)

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