Monday, March 26, 2007

Weekend Wonder – Saturday Edition

This past Saturday started early for me, since I got in from the movies at 1:15 a.m., but I still managed to get some good sleep!

We got up at about 8:00 a.m., got ready, and headed over to Cracker Barrel to see October – my long lost college roommate, friend, and bridesmaid – who we hadn’t seen in SEVEN LONG YEARS!

We got there and reserved a table for TWEVLE! Thankfully, they were able to accommodate us.

It was great to see “Tob” – her nickname. She looks the same, except for now she has four beautiful children – Diego, Liana, Sergio, and Esteban. She also brought her neighbor’s delightful daughter Gabrielle “Gabby” to help with the younger children.

Her children were absolutely beautiful and (may I add as an often cynical non-child-having person) very well behaved at the restaurant! And I have to say that my heart broke out in smiles when she introduced me to her daughter (who is partially named after me) as “Mommy’s best, best, best, bestest friend in the whole, wide world!”

It was as nice as it is mutual! Tob’s daughter, Liana, is named after two of her college friends – Tiana as the “iana” part, and me as the “ana” part! I’ve never had anyone named after me before, and it was a great honor when Tob told me after Liana was born!

We were only able to spend about two hours together, but it was so refreshing to see Tob again! It brought back the flood of memories and (as it always is with real friends) we were able to pick up right where we left off! We could have talked for hours!

Mom and Gary were also able to come and see Tob – Mom loved all my college roommates! And brought Gary’s grandchildren – Andrew and Brigitte with them. So, I got to see my niece and nephew and (of course) do a little spoiling!

Later, Brett and I headed to Game Night Group. There was a smaller crowd than normal, but still a nice group. There was us, of course, Mom and Gary, Larry and Mary, Patty, Ginny, Andrea, (and Andrea’s kids – Rachel, Nathan, and Andrew – who are growing up so fast, almost THREE teenagers now!).

We enjoyed pizza lasagna, spaghetti, taco soup, cheese, salad, and Mary’s special cake! Brett and company (Ginny and Gary) played Ten Pennies, while the rest of us played Trivial Pursuit – Pop Culture Edition! My team – me, Mom, Andrea, and Rachel – WON! Whoo-Hoo! Our team won again at Scene It – TV Edition, but with Patty replacing Mom, since she and Gary went home early.

Rachel (Andrea’s daughter) was our “lucky” roller! That girl is gifted with dice! I told Andrea that it looks like Rachel had a future in gambling – ha, ha – and Andrea said that wasn’t quite the career she had in mind… but if it makes her happy, then… (Smile).

It was another long night, with Brett and I finally getting home from Durand around 1:00 a.m. But being exhausted always better when it’s for a good reason. Like being with good friends!

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