Thursday, March 15, 2007

Romantic and Running Ragged (but in a good way)

Yeah, yeah. Like you want to hear all about my surprise date night with my husband. Well, too bad. I’m telling it anyway. Whose blog is it anyway? (Smile)

It all happened kind of spontaneously. Which for Brett and I is pretty amazing. I’m a planner, and while Brett doesn’t plan in advance for ANYTHING, he is also not exactly spontaneous. I don’t, for instance, receive flowers on a random day for no good reason.

Brett may not be a spontaneous romantic, but he is romantic. One of the reasons I married him is that he pursued me, and (even though it surprises me) he still does. One of his favorite things in the world is when I decide to be romantic in return. And not just in THAT way. Although, it can be said, he enjoys that, too!

Anyway, since Brett started his new job, he has been a different person. It is like he is finally reverting back to the man I married. He’s not been depressed, or in a bad mood, or nearly as angry at life. It’s been great having him “back.”

Yesterday, I realized I had a nice profit check from Mary Kay – almost $50! We haven’t budgeted my Mary Kay for anything, so generally I just put it my checking account and use it for my various nights out. But yesterday, I got to thinking about Brett and how much I love him. So, on my way home, I called him and told him I was taking him out for a surprise date night!

We went to DiGiovanni’s in Roscoe for dinner. The food was amazing! We both had soup and salad. Brett had the shrimp dinner with au gratin potatoes, and I had the Tri-Color Pasta with Alfredo Sauce. Oh my yum, it was GOOD! We held hands in the candlelight and reminisced about our dates in Chicago.

Dating in Chicago provides you with lots of cheap but great things to do. Our favorites were long walks by Lake Michigan in the winter, exploring Navy Pier, and finding little neighborhood parks where we could sit and talk. So, reliving those memories and the first years of our being together was a nice way to spend the evening.

After dinner, we went home and settled in to watch our favorite shows – Jericho (Brett’s), Criminal Minds (Me), and Lost (Both). It was SO relaxing and calming. For the first time since that horrible December, I felt like we were a family again. Finally in sync again, you know?

It was a really nice night, and the fact that it was unexpected and unplanned made it even better. The only thing it added was another night of being “out.”

This week is turning out to be much busier than I originally expected. The only “out” night was supposed to be Tuesday. I was going to meet Candice after Weight Watchers for dinner at Taylor Street Pizza. Candice and I haven’t seen each other in a while, so we both wanted to get together BUT she called me and said she had an offer to go to Chicago Tuesday night. I told her to go and enjoy herself – I know I would!

So, I called Angie to see if she could fill in last minute. Thankfully, she was in Rockford and sans children, so she was up for getting together. We ended up going to (where else?) the movies and saw the new movie Zodiac. It was SO good. Very interesting, chilling, and yet suspenseful – I would totally recommend it to any murder-mystery buffs! It was one of the few movies I felt justified paying $8 to see.

Last night, of course, Brett and I had out surprise date night. Tonight, I have dinner plans with Carleen, and tomorrow Angie and I are on for our (previously scheduled) movie night. I’m working part of Saturday, so that means that (really) I only had Monday night and this Sunday night free of “stuff.” I enjoy going out and being social, but I also like those nights where I can be at home and get caught up!

I’m not complaining, though. I learned the value of good friends the hard way, and I’m not about to give that up! Thankfully, Brett’s understanding, and we appreciate each other more when we are home together.

It’s nice when the glass is half full for a change. Of course, it would be even nicer if the glass were half full of Diet Coke! (Ha!)

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