Monday, March 26, 2007

Weekend Wonder – Friday Edition

This past weekend is exactly the weekend I love – a weekend filled with things to do, people to see, and time to spend with my husband!

On Friday, Angie and I went to the movies. Due to some weird scheduling, over the past two weeks we saw SEVEN movies. Normally, we see three (maybe four) movies a month. Maybe. But these past two weeks our schedules worked out, so we could see seven. Brett went to one, Shooter, with us. But other than that, it was just the two of us.

Here are the movies we saw:

Zodiac – Excellent! Very suspenseful and well told movie about the Zodiac killings in San Francisco in the 70’s.

Wild Hogs – Somewhat lame comedy about middle aged motorcyclists. William H. Macy stole the show, since Tim Allen, John Travolta, and Martin Lawrence just phoned it in.

Ghost Rider – Nicholas Cage stars as the comic book hero who makes a deal with the devil. A lot of more Satanic references than we expected. Not worth the money or a rental.

Premonition – Sandra Bullock does a great job acting, but the plot about the woman who is living the days of the week out of order and trying to stop her husband’s immanent death was thin and not very believable.

ShooterMmm… Mark Wahlberg stars in a gripping story about a man hired to stop a presidential assassination, but is (instead) framed for it, and how he manages to redeem himself. Very good – rental material!

The Last Mimzy – This was billed as a kids’ movie, but neither Angie nor I thought it was appropriate for kids (although our theater was filled with them!). It is about two children who find futuristic toys and then have to try and save the future. A good premise that gets very weird at the end – sort of hinging on a non-Christian view of a “new Adam and new Eve.” Not worth the time.

Reign Over Me – Adam Sandler surprised us both with a strong dramatic story about a man who is emotionally traumatized after he loses his wife and three daughters in a plane on September 11. Don Cheadle stars as his long-lost college roommate who becomes his only friend. Angie and I really liked this movie and felt it was a solid drama well worth our $8.50.

Along with the movie, we enjoyed the previews for the upcoming movies and tried to come to a consensus on which movies to put on our “list.” It’s funny –whenever we watch a preview, we turn to each other and often ask simultaneously, “Is that on our list?”

Our list gets long sometimes, and we have to switch the movies to our Netflix lists if the DVD comes out before we can make it to the theater.

Here are a few currently on our “list”:

Meet the Robinsons
The Lookout (we like Joseph Gordon-Levitt!)
Perfect Stranger
Land of Women
Nanny Diaries
The Invisible
Spider Man 3
Knocked Up
Fantastic Four – Rise of the Silver Surfer

Now, we probably won’t be able to see them all, but that’s what makes Netflix SO great!

When we weren’t watching the movies, we checked out Angie's new fancy-dancy-all-in-one-phone – she can e-mail and everything! So cool!

As usual, we had a great time, but I got in trouble when I was a game night. People were like, “Hey! Invite us next time!” So, I guess I’ll have to do that!

I ended up getting home around 1:15 a.m. on Saturday morning. We started the moves at 3:40 p.m. on Friday, so I guess you could say it was long, FUN night!


BJ Boehm said...

Wow, you probably go to the theater more than me...When I was in HS I had a poster board w/ all my movie tickets glued on it...I had 2 of them was awesome...I should do that was a tribute to all my movie of the good things about moving to TN is that the theater here is all digital DLP screens..I never see scratches or dust and it's more clear than film...even if it's a week after it has been released.

Ann-Marie said...

Yeah, I can't figure out if I like to go to the movies so much because I wasn't allowed to for the first part of my life and it still feels kind of forbidden, or if I just really like being entertained. Probably both.

Hey, how's it that YOU were allowed to go to movies in high school? Didn't we go to the SAME school? :-)

I have to admit our theaters here aren't the greatest. In fact, the film reel on Wild Hogs slipped off the canister and it took them thirty minutes to get it back to the original spot. When Brett and I finally get down to TN, the three of us (four is Candice can come) should go to a movie!

Heidi said...

I technically was not allowed to go to the theatre as a kid either. We did go to see a few things. My parents always told me that it was because I cried through Bambi.
I want to see Spiderman 3. I heard a good one to see is also The pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith (it came out today on DVD).

Ann-Marie said...

Angie and I are SO ready for Spiderman 3, and I'm especially anxious to see how Topher Grave (That 70's Show) and Thomas Hayden Church (Wings/Sideways) stack up, since they have both played "nice" guys so convincingly before.

The Pursuit of Happyness looks a little sappy to me - lots of crying and inspirational music, but I know a lot of people who want to see it, and the people who HAVE seen it really liked it, so I'm putting it on my Netflix list and keeping the tissues handy!

P.S. - Brett bought the recently restored Bambi DVD for me (for Thumper, since we love bunnies), and I had to tell him that I still (after all these years) can't watch it. It makes me cry. Same thing with the incredibly sappy and sentimental The Fox and The Hound. Whoosh! My eyes water just thinking about it.