Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Turbulent Tuesday

Mom called me at work yesterday to tell me that our friend Andrea’s grandmother died. She discovered it accidentally when she was reading the paper, and then she read that the visitation was that day (yesterday). She asked me if I wanted to go to the visitation with her.

I had already planned to go to Weight Watchers, so I called my WW buddy and let her know what had come up. So, Mom picked me up from work and we headed to Fitzgerald’s Funeral Home over on S. Mulford.

While we were standing in line, we saw photos of Andrea’s family tree. It is kind of a weird connection that Mom and I have to Andrea. I knew Andrea from Windsor, and when Mom met her, she discovered that she and Andrea’s dad, Ralph, had gone to high school together! Small world.

Since it was Ralph’s mother that had died, there were some old photos of a much younger Ralph, back in his high school days, when Mom knew him. She pointed the photos out to me, and then said, “He kind of looks like that kid in October Sky.” She meant Jake Gyllenhaal – also star of the now-famous “gay cowboy movie” Brokeback Mountain.

I found the comparison pretty funny, since Andrea’s dad now looks more like an older version of Dennis Franz. When I passed the “compliment” on to Andrea, she laughed and said that it was more of an insult to Jake than anything. Actually, I believe her actual words were, “Poor Jake. He must really be going to go downhill as he gets older!”

After the visitation, Mom and I decided to try a new place to eat – Old Chicago, on East State. Neither of us had ever gone there – me, since I’d heard it was more of a beer drinking establishment, and Mom just never had the chance.

Well, Mom was REALLY in the mood for a pizza, so she wanted to try it. It was pretty good. We had two really nice waitresses. The appetizer tray was good – especially the pepperoni rolls which were made of pepperoni, ranch dressing, and cheese – all baked into a calzone-type roll. Mmmmm. Delicious!

The pizza was good, but not the best pizza I’ve ever had. Still, Mom and I enjoyed two slices each and saved the rest for my hungry hubby back at home.

Afterwards, we stopped by the Dollar Store and picked up some bargains, before heading back to my office, so I could grab my car and head home.

When I got home, I was SO tired. I took a Jacuzzi and then crawled into bed. I remember thinking, “Gosh, it must be SO late.” Then I looked at the clock. It was only 9:42 p.m.! My schedule must have been WAY off. So, I snuggled up with my $1 book I just bought (originally sold for $20) and eventually dropped of to sleep.

It was very eventful evening. I got to “be there” for a good friend. Spend time with my favorite person (my mom – like you didn’t know), enjoy a yummy dinner, AND go shopping!

Sometimes, it’s nice to stop and appreciate it when things work out so well! Well, except for someone dying, of course, that part was sad, but otherwise...

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