Monday, March 19, 2007

Working with Wit II

Here are two more funny e-mails I and a different co-worker sent after discovering that people in our office were slacking off when it came to the staff kitchen and lounge.

My co-worker:
Okay – I am truly getting tired of this. I am not your Mother and if I were, there would be a lot more fireworks at finding lettuce and other salad remains in the sink in the staff lounge.

This is Tuesday, the lettuce is still green, and so someone TODAY had salad and then rinsed the bowl in the sink and rudely left the scraps. Please be a responsible adult and clean it out. There is a garbage container in the staff lounge for that purpose.

Okay, I’m going to piggyback on ***’s comment. We ALL need to be responsible kitchen users.

This is not your dorm room or your first apartment.

*** generously cleaned out the microwave – which was truly disgusting, so if you have ever used or continue to use the microwave, please be sure to thank her. However, I know this was NOT a pleasant task, so let’s try not to get it dirty again. It’s a simple matter of rinsing the plate, drying it, and putting it back in the microwave.

Also, if ***’s aggravation is lunch remains in the sink, mine is unwashed coffee cups in the sink. In the past, it has gotten so bad that there are NO clean coffee cups, and I’m forced to wash someone else’s dirty cup just to have a cup of tea!

Last rant of the e-mail – don’t stockpile silverware in your office. Please use it and return it to the drawer. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that gets tired of choosing from one grapefruit spoon and a dessert fork when I’m trying to eat lunch.

I’m with *** – let’s start being the responsible adults we all are.

It’s hard to believe I work in an office with supposedly “responsible” adults!

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