Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hot Enough For Ya?

Well, it seems contradictory to complain, since I did just write about how grateful I am today, but I have just GOT to say something about this heat wave.

Everybody in the Rockford area is just oh-so-delighted about the change in the weather. We’ve gone from 50 to 80 overnight. Kids are out of school on spring break, and oh-just-everyone is SO enjoying this “wonderful weather” we’re having!

Give me a break! It’s hot. It’s TOO hot, already!

Yesterday, our office was SO overheated. We were all sweating like pigs during the workday. My hair was actually WET when I left last night! Out of all the offices, mine is where the central heating duct originates, so I get the full blast of the heat on me FIRST! It’s like sitting near the sun. And my little desk fan can hardly battle the power of the sun, you know?

They finally got the temperature fixed, but it’s still too hot for a heat-a-phobe like me. And what makes it worse is that everybody is just-oh-so-gosh-darn-happy about it.

How can they be so happy when sweat is dripping down my forehead into my eyes causing ME to have a stinging sensation?! Huh? How? When it’s hot, everything sticks to everything, and I feel like a slug who wants to shrivel up!

And my poor bunnies! They are breathing SO hard and look miserable. Like they can’t believe it’s this hot in MARCH!!! They still haven’t shed their winter coats, so the poor things are just suffering. I opened all the windows, turned on the fans, and laid out ceramic tiles for them to lay on.

I really could do without spring and summer. I really could.

When’s the next plane to Greenland?


Heidi said...

Remember my blog (that I haven't updated in a while)??? I hate cold and love warm (not too hot). these past couple of days are perfect for me. I love the time of year when I can have the windows open and be comfortable. When's the next plane to Arizona?

Ann-Marie said...

Hi, Heidi! I did check out your blog today. I guess we can be friends since opposites attract - and you like the NEW weather. Although today is kind of gloomy, isn't it? Last night, we slept with the windows open, and we were pretty chilly when we woke up! Maybe if the weather just stayed in the 50's? :-)