Monday, March 12, 2007

The Long Silence

It’s funny how looking at my sad, un-updated blog made me feel like I was being anti-social.

Every time I had a few seconds to stop by my blog, I felt guilty for not updating it. Just a few months ago, I didn’t know what a blog was, and now I feel bad for not keeping it current. And I call myself a writer! (said with much self-deprecation).

This truth was further confirmed when I received several e-mails asking if I was okay. After all my rambling about high blood pressure, and whatnot, everyone was concerned that I might be ailing (I’ve always wanted to use that word!).

Thankfully, I’m fine. Well, as fine as my quirky (weird) self can be.

While I was on a busy, accidentally self-imposed blog vacation, I had recurring thoughts on what to blog. One theme that kept coming up was my co-workers. I work with a variety of people, much (MUCH) like the show The Office. In fact, Brett doesn’t get that show, and I said, “Anyone who has EVER worked in an office TOTALLY gets that show.”

My co-workers can be….fill in description here. But for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been blessed with laughter within the four walls of my office. I went to work and went home appreciating the good humor of the day. My friend (and super-mom-home-business-worker-college-student) Angie once said that many stay-at-home moms hunger for adult conversations and humor after being home with babblers all day. Knowing that makes me appreciate the comedy of my co-workers even more. It says something when you look forward to going to work because of WHO you are working along side.

So, that was one topic. Others occurred to me, I’m sure.

But, for now, I’m going to write up my weekend and get everybody all caught up with my life. The good news is that I didn’t update my blog due to being busy, and busy mostly with good stuff.

The long silence has ended!

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Heidi said...

I have been silent too. Maybe I will comment today. I understand Angie. I am home all day with 3 year olds and now a new baby, so I LOVE adult conversations on occasion.