Monday, March 26, 2007

New Series!

After finishing the six season Quantum Leap series, I was at a loss! I knew there had to be other TV series out there, but I just didn’t know where to start. Thanks to my friend, Eric, I started watching Prison Break (via Netflix, of course) and am now seriously entrenched in the series.

It’s exciting and gripping AND Brett likes it too, which is nice. He was never much of a Quantum Leap or Smallville fan. But, he’ll sit down to watch Prison Break with me and we’ll end up watching all four episodes on the disc!

Brett has strange tastes in movies, like me, so it is one of the things we have in common.

For instance, I was never really that interested in the Harry Potter series. I just thought it was another kid movie from a book. Big whoop. But Angie and I went the $1.50 theater for a movie and decided (what the hey) that we would watch Harry Potter #3. After that, I was hooked. Those movies are amazingly well made, have great plots, and are whimsical, moving, and entrancing all at the same time.

After fighting with myself for a while, I sacrificed the money to buy Harry Potter 1-4 on DVD. It turned out to be a great investment, since I find myself watching one or the other pretty frequently. And the interesting thing was how much Brett liked the movies.

I would ask him what movie he wanted to watch, and he would say, “You can put one of your Harry Potters in.” He puts the emphasis on your but he wants to watch them even more than I do now!

Back to Prison Break, I would highly recommend it if you are an action/suspense freak like myself. It’s much cleaner than OZ (HBO’s version of prison life) but with a lot of the same-type characters. Plus Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller aren’t exactly hard on the eyes! Ha! Ha!

This show is NOT for the faint of heart, though. If violence makes you squeamish, you’d better stick to The Waltons!


BJ Boehm said...

I like prison break, and harry potter too....the rumors that emma watson was leaving the franchise was funny because if she left, alot of ppl would stop watching...I knew they weren't true...but it was funny to see it all play out.

Ann-Marie said...

I think any one of the "kids" in Harry Potter would be CRAZY to leave. Acting in those movies and all the royalties...they will never want for $$$ again.

I didn't get into Prison Break at first and almost didn't get the second disc, but then they cut off Michael's toes, and things started to get interesting...betcha didn't know you had such a "violent" cousin? :-)

Jennittia said...

Here's one for you-- I have a dark side as well!! Rodney started watching it last season and I joined him this year. I do not really know how long it has been on, so I have no idea how much I have missed. It certainly is a bit creapy at times- the guy with one hand... is there nothing he is not capable of?!!

Ann-Marie said...

Hey, J! I am still on Season 1, so I am getting the full story from the beginning. I am also watching The Black Donnelly's which even Brett won't watch because of the violence. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one with a dark side. Maybe we aren't feminists anymore, but we know how to channel that aggression, don't we? Ha! Ha!

BJ Boehm said...

Sadly, I almost watch every show on tv, and tons of movies...I'm an entertainment addict. But funny enough I never watched the black donnelly's yet...I might it really really good? like...sapranoes good? or is it just ok...I didn't watch it because I think the main character is to young to be the boss of a whole nieghborhood...and ppl opposed to him wouldn't take him seriously, and when they do I wouldn't find it it?

Ann-Marie said...

Here’s the rundown on The Black Donnelly’s:

The pilot was freakin’ awesome. Superbly written and really interesting. But each episode has been written/acted with varying degrees of success.

Here is my summation of the four brothers:
Jimmy – short tempered jerk
Kevin – loyal, horrible (yet still addicted) gambler
Shawn – vain, pretty boy
Tommy – (supposedly) all around good guy

The thing is that it is getting harder and harder to think of Tommy as being an “all around good guy” since he keeps stealing from, beating up, and killing people.

He SAYS he is just doing it for his brothers, but an “all around nice guy” doesn’t do that kind of stuff. Period. So, it’s a little inconsistent.

The violence quotient is pretty high, though. The acting is decent and the writing’s good for the most part.

I’m afraid I can’t compare it to The Sopranos, since I’ve never actually watched that series (I am thinking of getting it via Netflix, though – you think I’d enjoy it?).

Oh, and Tommy isn’t the “boss” of the neighborhood. At least, not yet. There is a line of people in front of him to be in charge. And (at this point anyway) Tommy doesn’t even want the job.

The other thing that bugs me about Tommy is that he’s supposed to be giving up his great “art” talent to help his family, and yet you never see him doing any kind of art.

I mean, drawing is free. He could at least be doing that in his spare time, especially if it’s supposed to be his passion.

All that said, it is a solid, gritty “street” drama, and the ONLY one on network TV (said by the girl who doesn’t have cable), so I’ll probably keep watching it.

P.S. – By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, I am ALSO an entertainment junkie. It’s probably in our blood!