Monday, March 26, 2007

Weekend Wonder – Sunday Edition

On Sunday, we took a L-O-N-G drive to Mt. Morris to celebrate Gary’s granddaughter’s birthday! Brigitte turned FIVE years old! So hard to believe.

The drive there and back, along Route 2, was beautiful. We went through Oregon, along the river, and saw the always-impressive Chief Blackhawk statue. I reminisced about visiting the statue with Mom and Dad when I was a little girl. We also saw White Pines ranch, and Brett told me how his Boy Scout Troop used to come out to the ranch to go riding and spend the night in the bunkhouses.

The weather was so gorgeous, that I (Queen of Don’t-Mess-Up-My-Hair Land) didn’t mind having the window down!

Brigitte’s party was in a dimly-lit, crowded roller rink, but it didn’t matter to her. She’s quite the little roller skater, and oh-so-cute in her custom My Little Pony pink roller skates. She was passing adults out on the skating floor! And she’s FIVE!

So, we adults squeezed into tiny tables and ate bland pizza and yummy cake and watched as she opened presents.

“Bridgy,” as we call her, is a girly-girl (like her aunt). She got lots of PINK, PRINCESSES, and PONIES. We got her a My Little Pony purse with actual long hair she can brush, a coloring book and crayons, and a bunny night shirt. She liked it a lot!

What had us all laughing was the fact that she’s only five, and got five purses for her birthday. I can’t wait until I can take her into Chicago to go shopping at American Girl!

After the party, we headed back home on that beautiful drive. We got groceries, did the bun’s veggie mix for the week, and cleaned.

All in all, a busy, productive weekend!

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