Friday, March 23, 2007

Being Blissfully Busy

My, my - what a busy weekend I have planned!

It didn’t start out that way. All I had on the slate originally was my niece Brigitte’s birthday party on Sunday. And church on Sunday, of course.

Brigitte is Gary’s daughter, Camille’s, daughter, so technically she’s my step-niece, but they throw all that out and just let us adore her! She is going to be five years old already! She had JUST been born when Mom and Gary got married. In fact, we had to do a lot of guesswork on Camille’s bridesmaid dress since she was going to be giving birth just a little while before the wedding!

Brigitte has always adored her Uncle Brett, which is nice since he doesn’t have a special relationship with any of his nephews or his niece. And I, of course, as an only child, didn’t have any nieces or nephews “biologically.”

Anyway, Brigitte and Brett share a special relationship. I don’t know what it is about him, but Brigitte just treats him like a jungle gym. She climbs all over him.

In fact, once when he fell asleep on the couch, she snuck up and silently covered him in My Little Pony stickers. He woke up and was simply clothed in pink and purple glitter stickers! He thought it was the funniest thing, and I’ve got the photos to prove it!

One of the cuter moments happened when we visited Dave (Camille’s husband), Camille, and family right after they moved to Dixon. Mom and I came in the door together while Gary and Brett went to go park the cars.

Brigitte came running up to me and asked, “When is your daddy going to get here? Where is your daddy?” So, I explained to her that I didn’t have a “daddy” anymore, and that her mom was letting me share HER daddy – Gary.

Then, Brett walked in the door, and Brigitte raced toward him screaming, “Your daddy’s here! Your daddy’s here!” Oh, I had so much fun calling Brett “Daddy” that night! We laughed our heads off at that!

So, we are always excited to see Dave, Camille, Brigitte, and Andrew – our amazing nephew! We are heading out to the White Pines Roller Rink in Dixon on Sunday to help Brigitte celebrate five great years.

In the meantime, my weekend filled up! Angie, Brett, and I are going to the movies tonight. We are planning to see Shooter (with the “talented” Mark Wahlberg), The Last Mimzy (with Rainn Wilson), and Reign Over Me (with a “dramatic” Adam Sandler).

Saturday morning, October, my college roommate who I haven’t seen in SEVEN years, will be in town. We are planning to meet up at the Cracker Barrel in Rockford, but we only have a little time, since she has to be in Chicago by early afternoon. I’ll finally be able to meet her three children and her adopted son! I’m so excited!!!! I’ve missed her SO much!

Saturday evening is Game Night Group, and of course, Sunday is already full with church and the family birthday party!

I’m a social person, so this kind of weekend just makes me feel incredibly blessed to have friends and family who want to spend tome together.

And it means that I won’t have a single iota of time to clean the house. Now, THAT’S the real blessing!

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