Wednesday, November 22, 2006

When It’s For Better

Well, yes, so the other day I did complain about my husband not doing enough around the house. Then he goes and does something very sweet and very nice for me today, so I figured it would be only fair to record his GOOD actions.

This morning, while I was still fast asleep in a nice warm bed, he put gas in my car and then took it through the car wash. Now, the feminist in me knows I can pump my own gas, but the lazy person in me loves that he does this for me every so often.

I’m even more appreciative for the car wash. See, the thing is that I HATE going through those automatic car washes. I can never line up my tires with that magic metal thing on the floor. I have HORRIBLE depth perception and always end up running over the metal edge, getting stuck, and having to go call the attendant. They know me by name at the local Mobil stations.

After I got ready for work, he bought me an on-the-go breakfast from Panera’s and dropped me off at work. And how is he going to spend the rest of the day? He’s going to look for a replacement right-side mirror for my car and take Peyton to the vet. So, I guess he’s redeemed himself for NOT cleaning the litter box and NOT washing the dishes the other day.

I’m actually a little anxious about what the vet might say about Peyton. He’s been moping around the house which isn’t like him. He has this very sad look, so Brett and I have been calling him “Sad-Eyed Joe.” He has this look even when he feels fine, though, so it doesn’t really tell us anything. He’s usually such a little fireball, so Brett thinks he may just have a little bug, but we figured we better have the vetest-with-the-mostest, Dr. Sandra Durst, check him out. Hopefully, he’ll be fine.

Anyway, it was nice to be pampered a little bit this morning and to remember that a lot of marriage is actually for “the better” part.

P.S. – I can’t remember where I read or saw it, but this quote has always stuck with me, because it is so true.

“Marriage is basically two selfish people trying to pretend they’re not.”

Somebody hit that nail on the head!

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