Monday, November 20, 2006

Thanksgiving Humbug

Well, it’s almost Thanksgiving again. Yippee.

I’ve never been a big fan of Thanksgiving, the day. Thanksgiving in general, I’m in favor of.

Or, as the lady at the Dollar Store wished us, “Happy Turkey Day.” I’m not sure if she said that because it has now officially become politically incorrect to say “Happy Thanksgiving” or if she really didn’t know what the day is actually called. Either way, it was annoying.

I don’t know why I don’t care about Thanksgiving. With all my cherished holiday memories, I can’t remember a single Thanksgiving that holds any special meaning for me. And, I guess overall, I really don’t understand its significance in the big picture.

Okay, so we’re supposed to give thanks. That I get. But why on one day? I mean, I’m grateful for stuff everyday. And the Bible is pretty clear that we are supposed to be in constant thanks.

Maybe it’s the food? Maybe that’s why I’m not all gung-ho about Thanksgiving. In the Rehfeldt-Trotter house, we never needed an excuse to eat. That’s also why we needed Weight Watchers.

The thing is that there were ever only three of us. A big meal with three people just isn’t that exciting.

Even now, there are just two of us. I always feel bad I don’t have any kids to contribute to Mom’s Thanksgiving dinner, which always feels a little sad and empty – like a Hallmark commercial when little Bobby doesn’t actually make it home for Christmas.

An all grown-up Thanksgiving is actually pretty boring. We eat, Brett sacks out on the couch to watch TV, Gary washes dishes, and Mom and I play a card game. Then, after a while, we go up to Brett’s sister’s house to have Thanksgiving with them.

Only this year, two of the sibling are holding their families hostage, since one half of the family is not talking (nor thankful, apparently) for the other half. Now that’s holiday spirit in action.

So we go up there, eat more, and make excuses to leave a little early, since Brett’s family is still actively competing for the World’s Dullest Family. Seriously, I take my pulse when I’m there. Just to be sure.

I’m not saying I’m NOT thankful for the pilgrims, Squanto, and the explorers who discovered the New World. That’s great. Really. I’m just saying it’s not my favorite holiday.

For me, the real fun starts the day after Thanksgiving. When we go shopping up in Geneva with Brett’s brother and his wife (the one who is still talking to us and not competitors in the “dull” category). We go to the Geneva Commons – truly a shopper’s paradise – a HUGE outdoor mall.

Actually, this year the outing will bring back some sad memories. Because last year, we all went with Brett’s mom. I remember us perusing the aisles of Crate & Barrel together and laughing until our sides hurt at a ridiculous squirrel ornament! We both got one, actually, because we just couldn’t believe someone had made a SQUIRREL ornament!

So, I guess that’s something to be thankful for this season – that I had the opportunity to know one of the world’s sweetest and godly women – Jean Soderstrom, my mother-in-law.

Oh, and for Squanto. Wouldn’t want to forget Squanto.

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