Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up

Okay, first of all, props to me for actually getting a weekend wrap-up posted on a Monday.

I’ll wait for your applause.

Okay, on to the wrap-up:

Friday night, Brett and I ordered pizza from the delectable Rosati’s (best breadsticks in the world), stayed in, and watched separate TV’s. Excuse me for not being a public television fan.

Saturday, I worked the day away at the office; before Mom stole me away for a Mom-n-Me night. Mom made her signature dish from my childhood (meaning the only dish she made back then that was…umm...edible) Chicken Pot Pie. It was delicious!

We spent a good part of the evening getting Mom’s blog up to date. Hey, check it out and COMMENT. She thinks no one reads it, and gosh darn it, if my Mom isn’t good enough for you to comment…okay, okay, threats rarely work.

But, seriously, she’d love to have a couple of comments!

(Shout out to Mom, by the way, who currently has a BAD cold and is sniffling the day away. Feel better, Mom!)

Mom was feeling better on Saturday night, when we took advantage of my Netflix membership, Netflix’s Watch Instantly web feature, and Mom’s high-speed internet. We watched an old black and white movie, Father of the Bride, starring Spence Tracy (father) and Elizabeth Taylor (daughter).

Very sweet. Made sweeter by the chocolicious cupcakes Mom bought for dessert.

I woke up on Sunday in utter dread of the day ahead. It was the premiere of Puffy Coat.

I had to pair Puffy Coat with my black velvet slacks, silver velvet suit jacket, and black silk cami. I felt like filet mignon stuffed in a hot dog.

I wore Puffy Coat to Sunday School breakfast hour and had to beg Brett for permission to peel it off, since he thought we looked utterly awesome in our matching, glowing coats.

Actually, wearing the coat made me feel quite safe, since I’m pretty sure it’s flame retardant (dang it!) and so bright, we can easily be seen at night.

Or from space.

My church family’s reactions ran the gamut from sympathetic to enthusiastic.

Robin referred to me as “a brave soul.”

Joy assured me it isn’t “that puffy.”

Heidi wore her (much classier) Michigan coat to show solidarity.

Karen especially encouraged me by agreeing that the coat was “not at all something I would ever think you would wear. Ever.” She also gave me several practical ideas on how to get rid of it without hurting Brett’s feelings. My favorite was “re-gift it to a poor family of Michigan fans.”

Wilbur Lee thought we looked “cute.”

After morning service, we enjoyed dinner with the (Jason) Scott and the (Garth/Garrett) Cliff families. Heidi outdid herself with pork, stuffed potatoes, veggies, and amazing dessert – who would think to serve Snicker’s Ice Cream?!

Heidi, that’s who – and that’s why I now love her.

The conversation shared around the table was a blessing! Brett and Jason compared shaved heads. We conservative “kids” helped Brett understand how “good” he had it at Moody. Brett always complains Moody was too strict. He never believes me when I say,” You don’t know strict!”

Thanks to the rest of us, he now believes.

Favorite comment, Garrett to Brett, “Come on, man, you were wined and dined in college!”


The dinner and company redeemed the Puffy Coat morning, so I was in a chipper mood as we headed to Sunday night church.

Sunday night church. Where Pastor pointed out our stupid coats from the pulpit.

From the pulpit.

He made some very funny comment about not knowing we were Michigan fans and then went on, but I didn’t hear anything, since my cheeks were burning from embarrassment.

I can’t blame Pastor. We were pretty much impossible to miss in our puffy coats. I totally felt like a life raft.

Anyway, I managed to make it though the rest of the service without further attention drawn to the parachute on my back.

Once we got home, I accidentally dropped my coat and managed to step all over it in dirty shoes. Oops.

Don’t get excited. The dirt slid right off (and I even ground my heels in!). It’s virtually indestructible.

Curse you, Puffy Coat!


Robin Hayes said...

You have managed to crack me up... again! Hang in there - the hullabaloo should die down sometime in the next, oh, ten years. :)

Alice said...

Oh, Moody. It's like, it had a lot of the rules that stricter colleges had, but if you broke them instead of being expelled, expurgated, excommunicated, or whatever--you just got fined $5. At least when I was there.

Ann-Marie said...

Brett thinks it was like being in minimum security prison as compared to maximum security. I say it was like going from a maximum security prison to like, Woodstock.

I mean, we're talking like...super conservatives.

Oh, yeah, the $5 fine! I remember it well!

Robin Hayes said...

No! You never got fined, did you?

Alice said...

I went out with a guy in my senior year and stayed out all night on our first date. (We were JUST TALKING.) Neither of us signed in or out on the curfew book. Nobody noticed me (woohoo shout out Smith Hall sisters!), but the guy's roommates turned him in to their RA who turned him over to the RS. He and I spent a week sweating it out over what their decision would be. Finally, the verdict was handed down. Yup. $5.

P.S. Reader, I married him.

joy said...

i would've been a very poor moody student. =}

ok, not really.

also--you've got to give me some credit for speaking the truth. it is NOT that puffy. i was expecting one of those huge-oh quilted down-stuffed Hoosier Dome lookalike coats, in Michigan trappings.

instead, it was like, a blue and maize jacket--that might be able to be seen from space, granted, but more because of the colors than because of the mattress-like quality.

sturgillcrew said...

"I felt like filet mignon stuffed in a hot dog." -- You are SO funny!! So sorry that you had to experience that and then have your pastor point it out from the pulpit.

Heidi said...

I guess I could have worn Jason s other puffy coat and stood out like you.
I must have missed Pastor's comment. It must have been when I was dropping the baby off in the nursery.
I am glad you liked the meal.

Patrick Berryman said...

Just wait until you open this up for Christmas.

At least you'll coordinate. :-)

Patrick Berryman said...
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