Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More People in the Hospital

Thank you all for your prayers for my co-worker Merissa!

We received an update this morning. Merissa’s boss and another co-worker were able to go to Madison yesterday and be there when she came out of the anesthetic.

According to their report, she looked wonderful and her memory was intact. The doctors were able to do the surgery through the groin, so she has no head wound and did not have to have her hair shaved off - which she was delighted to hear.

She will be in intensive care for a few days and then in another room for awhile. In total, at least two weeks in the hospital. There is still some concern--she's not out of the woods yet, so please continue to remember her in your thoughts and prayers.

Also, please pray for my Uncle Jack (not really a relative, but a close family friend). He was taken to the emergency room with extreme pain. The doctors have diagnosed him with a gall bladder problem, possibly severe, and it looks as though he may be in the hospital for a few days. Surgery is also a possibility.

Lastly, my Aunt Louise (actually my relative – and also a friend) is having surgery today at Rockford Memorial. Please pray for her speedy recovery. She will most likely be in the hospital for a few days and would welcome your thoughts and prayers.

Please pray for God’s will and healing for these dear people. Thank you so much!

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