Thursday, November 01, 2007

Marrying for Money

This morning I watched a little snippet of one of those network morning shows – Today, Up with People, I don’t know.

Anyway, they had Jerry Seinfeld on to talk about the endlessly hyped Bee Movie (I'm purposely NOT putting a link here, since I'm so sick of seeing it everywhere) he’s currently busying promoting. In the midst of the interview, they showed photos of his wife and children.

I recalled the big fuss when Jerry married his wife, Jessica. Since she was already just newly married to a major RICH guy and only weeks back from her honeymoon when they met at a gym, the media labeled her a gold-digger - it sure seemed that way to me too, I remember. Currently, she’s also come under fire for plagiarism with her just released new cookbook.

I watched the feature for a few minutes and learned that last year alone, Jerry made 60 million dollars. 60 MILLION. If I were Jessica, I think I would be very happy with that. Especially if her reputation is anything like what it’s being portrayed in the media.

I turned to my husband. “Do you ever wish you married for money?”

He gave me a kiss on the nose. “Who says I didn’t?”

Hmm…seems like I have my very own gold-digger! He’s lucky I know he’s teasing.

Although, if I did make 60 million dollars…I’d understand the added attraction.

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