Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up

Yes, I know it’s Wednesday. And yes, I know I am again LATE on my weekend wrap-up. I'm going to have to start calling it the Wednesday Weekend Wrap-Up!

Thankfully, since my weekend was spent mostly running between my bed and the bathroom, the recap shan’t be long. As you might have guessed, I got that nasty rotavirus that has been going around.

I know exactly where I got it.

Brett and I went to Panera’s for a hot chocolate on Friday. In line behind us was a woman with two little girls. The little girls were complaining loudly about their “tummies” not feeling well. They then proceeded to cough all over everything, without covering their mouths, and put their sticky little hands on every available surface.

I said to Brett, “I swear, if I get sick from this…”

And two days later, I got sick.

AAARRRGGGHHHH! Okay, don’t kill me, my parental friends, but WHY should a person bring two obviously SICK little ones into a public restaurant and not take any precautions? ARGH! I know, I know. Plenty of really good reasons - kids were sick, getting hot soup, can’t leave ‘em in the car unsupervised, blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, NOT focusing on THAT anymore. I’ve mostly worked out my angst.

Before I got sick on Sunday and the missed work on Monday, Brett and I spent a very nice Saturday. Had I know I was incubating a virus, I wouldn’t have been so happy, but thank goodness I didn’t yet know.

In the back of my mind, I think I suspected…

Anyway, on Saturday, Brett and I took an absolutely breathtaking, beautiful autumn drive to Mount Carroll, Illinois. Our dear friend is the manager of a car dealership out there, so it was fun way to combine a fall drive on back country roads, a visit with our friend, and the chance to check out new/old cars for me.

We test drove several cars, and eventually decided on a…2007 Taurus. It’s shocking I know - that I would buy the exact same type of car - but hey, I survived a roll-over in that car, so it’s obviously got my safety in mind.

We put money down on the car and are waiting for our insurance check and a money transfer to clear, and then hopefully, I’ll have reclaimed my independence by the end of the month.

Hallelujah! Oh, and by the way, this Taurus has a five star safety rating!

Our friend took no commission and helped us choose the right car for our budget and safety. The car is used, but only slightly, and has less than 20,000 miles on it.

Brett was very pleased, and I was, too, although I just don’t get all that excited about cars. As long as they look semi-decent and get me from one place to another is all I really ask for.

The virus hit me hard Saturday night, Sunday, and Monday. I hated having to take a sick day, but I really couldn’t have gone anywhere and been productive, so they were really better off without me.

Yesterday, we had another big fundraising event, so I was tied up in that all day – a 12 hour day! The event was catered by ABC Catering – and the food was ab-fab, although I only got the chance to munch since I was working.

Hopefully, now things will get back to normal! At least, normal for me, that is.

Which, as you know, isn’t all that normal.


Robin Hayes said...

Normal would be so boring!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got it out of your system.

Jennittia said...

One of my biggest pet peaves is parents who take their hacking, germ filled kids out into the community. Church is the worst. People somehow think they score extra points with the Lord for always showing up no matter what. All it really accomplishes is more people get sick!

OK, soapbox done, congrats on the new car!

Anonymous said...

Right, who needs God when your kids are sick? Just stay home and enjoy it. He's there isn't he?
- The mother who's son threw up on her at church (me)-
(of course it was a conspiracy to contaminate as many "sisters" as possible)
He was already four years old for Pete's sake ... I should have just sensed that his lethargy meant he had plans to vomit.
Everyone takes germs everywhere and there is no one place cleaner than another, as far as I'm concerned. Also, children are no more "germ infested" than adults as far as I know.