Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Fanfare

I know I haven’t been blogging with my usual ferocity lately.

I’ve been absolutely swamped at work and in my personal life. Nothing bad, just a lot going on. I wrote down many gems during Thanksgiving which I definitely plan to blog about later on; it’s just so busy that I don’t know when “later on” is going to be!

Here are a few quickies:

Please pray for my mom and Aunt Jan as they travel home from Kansas City today. They decided to leave one day early to beat the bad weather storm that’s supposed to arrive mid-day Saturday.

Last night, Carleen and I enjoyed dinner and a movie. We saw Enchanted at Showplace 14. I would HIGHLY recommend this movie for “tween” girls. It’s funny, cute, romantic, and not too sugary sweet.

We liked it as adults, and Carleen said she would definitely feel comfortable bringing her kids. Basically Disney makes fun of itself, while putting out a clean, quality movie about a cartoon princess who is thrust into the real world of New York City by an evil queen.

Amy Adams shines in this movie, and boy can she SING! If you are new to Amy Adams, totally check out Junebug, which is where I fell in LOVE with her!

James Marsden plays his dim-bulb yet sweet-as-can-be prince with just the right amount of innocence and charm, and Susan Sarandon is totally believable as the evil queen.

I thought the only sticking point was that the cute Patrick Dempsey looked old and a little haggard through most of the movie. (And we all know he’s NOT either of those tings). Carleen still thought he was cute, but I hearkened back to Jim Belushi in Curly Sue.

Know what I’m talking about?

Either way, this is a safe, clean, and very funny family movie. Three and a half stars!

I’ll be working most of this weekend, but I’m the photographer for a Mrs. Claus Workshop tonight, so that will be a welcome break!

I’ve also got about a week in on the South Beach Diet. My cousin’s wife had all the same infertility problems I do, and her doctor put her on the South Beach Diet. A year later, she got pregnant! It’s supposed to even out your blood sugar, so I’m giving it the old college try.

So far, it’s been pretty easy. I’ve only fallen off the wagon once, and I got right back on. It doesn’t ask for anything unreasonable. Although, I can say the book is right – if you don’t have breads, pastas, rices, cereals, or sweets for a couple of days, the cravings go out the window.

Yesterday, someone handed me a crème-filled doughnut. I thanked them and then gave it away later! Can you believe it?! I didn’t even want it!

I’ll keep you updated. I’m hoping to get some of my Thanksgiving break blogging done this weekend.

Why should you be excited about this?

Because one post will be titled Puffy Coat Goes Shopping (or) Why Everyone in Geneva Thinks I’m a Shoplifter.


Anonymous said...

I definitely want to hear what you think of the South Beach... I'll be watching.

Heidi said...


WendyJanelle said...

No bread? None? Really? Hmmm...sounds interesting but impossible. Of course, I love to bake, so there you go. I do bake healthy recipes, though, like honey flax bread. Whole wheats, you know?
Me, I don't limit any one food...I just rarely eat anything that is bad for me. No donuts, soda, sugary cereal, chips, etc. Of course, my parents raised me like that so it's not at all a challenge. My husband, on the other hand...
Anyway, yes, I would also like to hear how it goes. Sorry for all of the rambling! And Thanks for the movie review!