Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Week & Weekend Wrap-Up

Our pop machine is broken.
Our pop machine is broken.
Our pop machine is broken.

Deep breath.

Deep breath.
Deep breath.

Now that I am facing an uncertain future of unfulfilled caffeine needs, I’m not exactly sure how coherent this post will be. I tend to turn into a pessimist without my legally-approved buzz.

Okay, okay, so I’m going to attempt this weekend wrap-up, um, sober. Well, sober equaling uncaffeinated for me.

Last week was SO busy!

Monday - Candice came over, and the three of us watched the premiere of Chuck and the season premiere of Heroes.

Tuesday – The premiere of the NEW Philippians-centered Morningstar Ladies Bible Study.

Wednesday – Kids 4 Truth, guaranteed pirate-free

Thursday - I worked the night away at a board meeting event which was (thankfully) catered by River District Catering.

Friday – Dinner at Quizno’s (try the Italian Caprese Sub – so good!) and a Home and Garden Party with Carleen.

Saturday - I joined Heidi for supper at Jimmy John’s after which we caught The Bourne Ultimatum on the big screen – totally EXCELLENT!

Sunday – Our church’s Mission Conference – Serving a Merciful Sovereign – started off with a great message on Jonah.

Monday (this week) Mom, Gary, and Candice joined Brett and I at our church’s Mission Conference Soup and Pie night

Whew! Did I miss anything?

I was off work this Monday for a photo shoot with Rockford Woman magazine. One of the editors is doing a feature on women and their pets.

Apparently, I’m on file as a rabbit-lover (and owner), and so I got tagged for the interview and a photo shoot with my furry friends. Of course, MFF did not cooperate when the photographer showed up. Hector made me chase him all over the place (he thought we were playing tag), so I was hot and sweaty. Payton ran into his big box and thumped his hind legs at me.

Only Hannah allowed herself to be picked up, so the photographer was able to capture my sweaty self with my beautiful gray girl. We posed in the laundry room, and by the bunny cross-stitch Mom did for me when I was a little girl.

The photographer had visions of all of us rolling around together on the couch (picture a newborn pack of puppies), so I felt bad breaking the news that bunnies are notoriously hard to photograph. They do not sit still and definitely don’t take direction well.

I am not looking forward to seeing that photo, as I am sure I look like a sweaty side of beef. But Hannah will probably look gorgeous, as always! Look for that issue of Rockford Woman magazine on newsstands in December 2007.

Speaking of magazines, the fall issue of Northwest Quarterly just came out. I’m quoted extensively in a well-written article on my company. However, the accompanying photo makes me look a great deal like a chipmunk. Or the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I’m going with chipmunk, as it sounds slightly more attractive.

Tonight is the third night of our church’s Mission Conference. I’m excited to hear the continuing message on Jonah.

Joy and I had the chance to converse on several merely anatomical and biological consequences of being in a whale’s stomach. It was highly enjoyable, as are all my conversations with Joy. She makes me laugh. I miss dry, subtle humor! Where are you, my Kelly?

Spiritually speaking, the sermon was convicting on several levels. The main point being that Jonah wanted the Ninevites (Ninevonians?) to receive judgment. He didn’t go to Nineveh, because he feared the Ninevites would repent, and he didn’t want that. How many times have I wanted someone to get “what they deserve?” When all we really deserve, any of us, is judgment?

For more information on this excellent sermon series, click here. For further (funnier) information on whale topics, see me or Joy.


Robin Hayes said...

I want to go to Jimmy John's with you guys!!! I got to hear the continuation on Jonah tonight - it was excellent. I missed everything on Sunday. I'm sure you DON'T look like a chipmunk OR the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I'm going to have to get in on this "inside a whale" conversation!

Jennittia said...

Oooh! aren't you just the budding little star! Must feel good. Pictures never seem to be very flattering to much of anyone, so no worries! The "Bourne" movie-- GREAT flick!

Ann-Marie said...

Robin! Robin! YES! Let's all go out together! I'm dying to network socially with women in our church. The more women I get to know, the more I want to hang out with everyone (more than in that ten minute window before and after church, that is).

Although, having that 30 minute breakfast hour before Sunday School is nice. But everyone has kids running around...so it can be hard to really talk.

Let's get together (yeah, yeah, yeah)!

Karyn said...

I'm proud to see how cool you're staying even in spite of the pop machine emergency. The sermon last night was fantastic, wasn't it! See you tonight. and hey, I had to go see Bourne alone, so don't forget me!

Ann-Marie said...

Karyn - No one should see Bourne alone! I'm so sorry!

BTW, was that an awesome movie or WHAT?!!! It kicked 1 & 2 to the curb in total coolness! Love, love the action!