Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up

Yes, I know it’s Wednesday, and for most of you the weekend is all but a pleasant memory by now.

However, I had a crazy weekend/beginning of the week this week, so I’m just now getting around to writing my weekend wrap-up.

I also took a short break to go completely crazy over criticized cartoons, movies, and entertainment venues. Complete psychotic break – what can I tell you?

Back to reality, I spent most of my weekend working.

Although, in this case, working was actually very cool. My company was invited to help with the Rockford Reunion. That’s it’s official name, but the unofficial name was The Rockford Peaches Reunion!

That’s right, the famous Rockford Peaches, along with all other surviving members of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League (1943 – 1954) were invited to a reunion in Rockford. Remember A League of Their Own? It was based on the Rockford Peaches.

On Thursday, members of my girl group (I was also able to attend with several other leaders as chaperones) were able to welcome the players and their families, eat dinner with them, and see the new exhibits at Midway Village, AND get player autographs.

On Friday, my girl group attended the dinner/lecture event at the Hoffman House as volunteers and got to spend one-on-one time with the players. The girls also volunteered on Friday where we all enjoyed a game of catch with some of the Rockford Peaches and a dinner/big band entertainment evening.

It was quite the busy weekend!

As a result of working the weekend, I was able to take Monday off. Mom and I tooled around. I had to go to the doctor for blood tests (still no TOM after 177 days AND medication to induce TOM). Then we visited CherryVale Mall and ate at the (totally recommending it) Granite City restaurant.

Mom, Gary, and I also attended the visitation for Brent Richardson who had passed away last week.

Mr. Richardson was my music teacher at Rockford Baptist when I was in elementary school. He was a wonderful, sweet, and caring man. He taught music with a unique passion and never complained, although his body was racked with pain for most of his adult life due to Crohn’s disease.

On Tuesday, I took a personal day from work to attend his funeral with Mom. I’m SO glad I went. He was such a special man, and he really did shape my appreciation for music. I had never had one ounce of his talent, but it was heaven to listen to him sing and play his trumpet.

I also know it meant a lot to his daughters, who I attended grade school with, that I was there. They said they knew I could empathize with them, having lost my father when he was only 53. Mr. Richardson was only 59 when he died.

After the funeral, Mom and I went to her house and got comfortable. We watched a movie and ate some pre-Halloween candy (shhh…don’t tell Gary!). We also browsed around Gordman’s for fun.

Tuesday night, we met with Aunt Annette (Traum) and Jeanette for dinner at Panera. They surprised me with a belated birthday gift of a beautiful flowered vase and candy container (do they know me or what?).

I tried the Orchard Harvest Salad. It was good, although somebody got a little too generous with the gorgonzola cheese!

By the time I got home, I was exhausted from all the running around and the (finally) appearance of TOM. That’s right…after all the testing, the medication, and 177 days…TOM finally arrived in all its icky ickyness.


Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made – I keep telling myself that in hopes of becoming de-frustrated. The Lord knows what He’s doing!

All of that is why I finally feel like my weekend – which was so convoluted – is finally wrapped up.

Now on to the three day week ahead!


Juliet said...

It was so much fun being with you. We even were able to enjoy sunny days.

Love you! Mom

Heidi said...


Alice said...

Hi Ann-Marie, thanks for reading/commenting on my blog! I'm enjoying looking at yours and your mom's too. Our family has really enjoyed getting to know Gary and Juliet. Your mom is my prayer buddy on Wednesday nights (she's a hoot!) Also, I hear you're a Moody grad--maybe we'll meet sometime and compare some of our old profs (though I think I was there quite a bit earlier than you were!) Take care, Alice

Ann-Marie said...

Hiya back, Alice