Friday, October 12, 2007

Back in the Saddle

My first day back at work went fine, if you consider that my typing is taking waaaay longer than normal.

Still, I was at a point in my schedule where I wasn’t being crushed by deadlines, so I’ve been able to catch up. Thankfully, I only had to hand off one assignment, since it would have required me standing for three to four hours.

Of course, I keep hitting the CAPS LOCK button on accident and unintentionally YELLING at everyone in my e-mails. Hee.

My co-workers have been great! There was a beautiful fall bouquet in a vase along with a very sweet Get Well card on my desk when I got in on Thursday. Our Print Technician has also now taken to calling me “Crash.” My other co-workers have offered to help with everything from buying me lunch to filling up my water carafe.

My boss even offered to drive me home at noon on her lunch break if I was too tired to make it through the day. Of course, I waved her off with my thanks, since I was sure I could make it until 5:00 p.m.

Let me tell you, when 5:00 p.m. rolled around, I was so exhausted, Brett practically had to carry me out of the office! By then I was wishing I’d let me boss drive me home at noon.

On the plus side, I do get to wear tennis shoes in the office!

The doctor told me to take a muscle relaxer at night, since it’s supposed to make you sleepy. She told me not to combine it with my pain pill (which I knew for a fact made me sleepy) since she thought I might sleep for 12 hours!

However, I discovered – through one VERY AWAKE NIGHT – that the muscle relaxer acts as a stimulant for me, not a sleep-aid. So, last night, I took my muscle relaxer right when I got home from work then my pain pill right before bed. I slept like a baby and woke up right on time! YEA! To the healing powers of a pain pill sleep aid.

I’m able to put more weight on my foot, so now I hobble along quite nicely. Which is good, since Brett isn’t exactly Johnny-on-the-Spot when it comes to laundry, dishes, or general housekeeping. Things were getting…messy. I still have a lot of pain in my wrist, but it’s been much more bearable with the muscle relaxers/stimulants.

Another good result of the accident? I’ve gone FIVE days without ONE Diet Coke. Of course, with my muscle relaxers, who needs it?


WendyJanelle said...

Wow. Sounds like I might need one of those drugs. I love my diet cokes and diet rootbeers.

I'm so glad you are healing well, and already back to work!! And that everyone is being so sweet and understanding. It's okay to slow down once in awhile. :-)

Ann-Marie said...

Well, I only had one Diet Coke (10/13/07) but it was caffeine-free, so I'm not counting it!