Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Fifteen!

Drat! I missed the Thursday Thirteen.

Oh well! Here’s my replacement - the Friday Fifteen. Please feel free to post/answer these questions on your blog in honor of the (newly appointed) Friday Fifteen. I look forward to learning more about my blogging friends!

The Friday Fifteen:

Endearment you call your husband most often


Endearment your husband calls you most often


Endearment you call your husband when you want something


Endearment your husband calls you when he wants something


Endearment your husband doesn’t like


Endearment you don’t like


If “the fall” had never happened, which wild animal would you most like to pet?


If you could shop for free in one store for one day, what store would you choose?

Coldwater Creek

Which actress/famous person have people said you look like?

Ali Larter
(back in college when I was thinner, and Ali was in the movie Final Destination and had dark hair with long, straight bangs. Not now, when she’s all hot, blonde, and gorgeous on Heroes (of course).)

Which actress/famous person would you like to look like?

Anne Hathaway

If you won the lottery, what’s the first totally frivolous thing you would buy?

A Yankee jar candle in every scent

If you could change places with one person for one day, who would you choose?

Melinda Gates (oh, the money I would donate in that one day!)

If you could go back in time, which historical/famous person would you want to spend time with?

Marilyn Monroe (was she really assassinated by the Kennedy family?!)

If you could choose one day in history to be present – but not be seen, heard, or able to affect change - what day would that be?

The first day of creation (can you imagine how awesome that would be?!)

What is your most unrealistic fear?

Being eaten by a shark (seriously. And I live in the Midwest!)

Now it’s your turn!


Robin Hayes said...

I started to answer all the questions, but I had too many blanks. I thought that was boring, so I decided to just delete the whole thing. Glad to have you back posting in blogworld again!

Love ya!

Ann-Marie said...

If you're looking for an endearment, I hear "Peaches" is available! LOL! I apologize for all the "endearment" stuff as Brett and I are very schmoopy with each other - probably more than sane people should be!

Robin Hayes said...

I call Chris "Babe" all the time, but I'm not even sure what he calls me. Shows how well I listen to him. Yikes!

Ann-Marie said...

Also - Robin - I've always thought you look like Michelle Pfeiffer!

Ann-Marie said...

I mean...when she was know, closer to our age...even though she's still I putting my foot in my mouth? I don't think you're what I'm trying to say! And you look hot...not that I'm hitting on you. Nevermind...just stop typing, Ann-Marie

Ann-Marie said...

Here's what I meant -

"Compliment to you, Robin"

Pleeaassseee take it that way! :-)

Robin Hayes said...

You totally crack me up. Thanks for giving me something to laugh about this afternoon! :) And thanks for the compliment!!

Heidi said...

You two are hilarious.

Jennittia said...

Don't have time to answer these as I have just 30 min. til work time, (and well, some just don't apply right now!!) but they really keep me laughing! You really do look like that pic of the famous girl! Glad to hear you are doing better- prayers are answered!

WendyJanelle said...

Hahaha! I'll try... but it's a weird "quiz!"

Anonymous said...

I can't answer all of them but I'll get a few out there.

Cindy Swanson said...

Wish I'd seen this Friday! It looks like such a fun one. By the way, I can totally see the Ali Larter thing with her as a brunette...