Thursday, October 04, 2007

Miss Me?

So there I was. All set to go to Wednesday night church, our last night of Missions’ Conference. I even packed a bag and brought it with me to work, so I could go directly from work.

Then, as I’m heading to my car, I realize I am on “E” in my gas tank, and our gas card is ALL the way at home with Brett! Can you believe it? All that, and I still only had enough gas to drive home (barely).

I was so sad to miss church – and that last message on Jonah. I’m just so grateful our church is technologically savvy so I’ll be able to purchase the CD’s from the series.

Normally, I take Route 2 home on nice days. As I turned onto Roscoe Road, there were about ten deer that passed in from of me. They crossed the road quickly from one wooded side to the other.

I was glad:
(a) I had seen them before I even got close
(b) it was still light out so I COULD still see them
(c) I was going at a normal rate of speed and could slow down
(d) there was no one behind me OR coming the other way.

I was especially happy to see they made it safely.

Some people talk about how this land was taken from the Native Americans, but it was REALLY taken from the animals.

I won’t get into all that, or you’ll be hearing my “I’d rather be a vegetarian” speech from the tiny little tree-hugging PETA supporter that indwells me from time to time. I’m not a fanatic. But being an animal lover and compassionate person can send my stomach into knots any time I see animals in peril – in any way – so that would include, yes, dead, and oops, there she goes. I’ll stop now.

And no cracks about being married to hunter. I get the irony. Believe me. I get it.

Anyway, we spent the rest of the night together watching TV (me and Brett, not me and the ten deer).
Which was actually really nice since we haven’t spent a night at home together for like 10 days or something. Brett said he was so glad to “finally” have me home with him, so that gave me the warm fuzzies.

We watched the new Pushing Daisies (which was like a Disney series for grown-ups), Criminal Minds, and a new show we are starting to like. It’s called Life and stars Damian Lewis, the good guy from Band of Brothers. So far, it’s been good – although his character is not SO much a moral person in this series. We’ll see if it survives the fall cancellation rush.

It was a mixed-up Wednesday, but a nice day – and night - all the same!


WendyJanelle said...

Fred watched Pushing Daisies, too. Grown-up disney?? Haveyou seen much Disney? I thought the whole show was strangely humorous but morbid... and just plain strange. Granted, I was doing other things and not really keeping up with the storyline (if there was one.)

WendyJanelle said...

Also, neat about the deer. I love deer. I love all wild animals. (Because that means they won't actually be coming to my house!!)