Monday, October 08, 2007

Car Accident!

You may have heard - I was in a very serious car accident over the weekend.

Praise the Lord - and I sincerely mean that - I walked away with only a severe sprain to my left ankle and left wrist, along with injuries from the seat belt - bumps and bruises - aches and pains now mostly. No broken bones, no blood, and only minor scrapes. God is so good!

I'm typing with one hand now - my right hand is my "good" hand for now, so please excuse any mistakes. I don't know how you right-handers do it! For now, I guess I'm the right-handed rabbit.

I'm in air casts on my ankle and wrist, and I'm extremely sore all over from being rolled around in the car. I can't walk without help, and I sure don't enjoy being one-handed! Thankfully, no one else was injured.

Here's the limited scoop. I was on my way to a work event on Saturday. A white van was bearing down on me with great speed, and I feared the van was going to hit me. So, I switched to the other lane and must have overcompensated my steering (since I was really frightened this guy was going to hit me). Then my car veered wildly to the right. The car went off the embankment, spun around in a field and then rolled violently on the side and teetered there while I prayed that the Lord would stop it, so I would not be suspended upside down, pinned by my seat belt.

God was gracious and the car stopped (after skidding for a bit) on its side. I was still pinned by the steering wheel, but I was able to unfasten my seat belt and breathe normally.

The police came quickly, and then the firefighters came and said they couldn't roll the car over since they didn't know the extent of my injuries. So - this is the painful part - they had to break all the windows in my car and SAW OFF THE ROOF OF MY CAR to get me out safely.

My car is (obviously) totaled.

They actually used the Jaws of Life. Can you believe it? I couldn't. That whole day is a surreal dream to me right now.

After that, I was transferred to the ambulance and taken to SwedishAmerican where they did a full work up to determine I didn't have a broken neck or other bones. They fitted me for my casts and gave me drugs (yea!) for the pain.

That's all I can type for now. My "good" hand is killing me! I appreciate your prayers for a speedy recovery. I have talked to my boss, and she is being very understanding and giving me the time off I need.

Please also pray for Brett to have strength as he deals with the insurance (health and car), car issues, and having his very independent wife dependent on him (and not liking it).

I'll go over the whole experience - it's kind of life-altering - later, but I wanted you all to have an update ASAP.

I love my blogging friends! You guys are the best!


Karyn said...

Thanks for updating us. That first church email that went out was so vague that we were worried for hours before more info came that you were okay. I'm so glad that God protected you in that way, and I'll be praying for your recovery (and patience during it). Love you.

Heidi said...

I had just e mailed you before the e mail came through informing us of your accident. That was wierd.
We are thanking the Lord that you are safe and praying for you.

mom2mine said...

Thankyou LORD! for the accident not being more servere! I will pray for a speedy recovery for you and patiends for you and Brett through this all.

If you need ANYTHING. Seriously! Call.

October Dawn said...

Accidents are soo scary! I'm glad you are ok.

Anouk said...

I'm SO glad you are OK. I'll be praying for a quick recovery. I was in a serious car accident in '98 (that's where I got the big scar on my forehead) and it was amazing to see God's protecting hand.

Praying for you!

joy said...

(see your email)

I knew you'd blog us an update as soon as you could. It was an anxious several hours waiting for a news update Saturday. We were praying. So glad you're (relatively speaking) up and at 'em. Please let me know if there's something I can do.

Tiana said...

Oh, Ann-Marie! I am so sorry that this happened to you. I'll be praying for a speedy recovery for you.

(((HUGS))), Tiana

The Beard Bunch said...

Wow, Ann-marie. I am so thankful that everything turned out ok (except for the car, I guess). I remember when I had my bad accident, I know there were angels watching over me; I know He had you "covered" also. Praise the Lord for his protection! Heal quickly, girl :)

Jennittia said...

Again, I am so behind in checking my email and stuff! I am so thankful for God's protection and I will pray for your continued recovery. Hey, that is no way to get a new car, ya know!! Love ya!

WendyJanelle said...

Oh goodness!! I got behind on my email and blog-checking,too!! I wish I'd known sooner, just so I could've been praying all along. I will start now! I'm so thankful that you are okay!! Write again after your good hand has had a rest. :-)

SturgillMom said...

I couldn't believe it when I got on your blog and read that you were in an accident. Praise the Lord that He spared your life and you came out with only 2 sprains and no broken bones. I know that sprains can be worse to deal with than a break, but I am so thankful that you are OK. We will definitely be praying for a complete and speedy recovery for you and strength and patience for Brett.

Deb said...

Goodness! Glad to hear that you are alright! Hey, do me a favor, don't do that again! Well, it sounds like the fault of the other driver anyway, huh? Praying the Lord will use this situation to strengthen you. Much Love,

Kolin said...

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Happy that you did not come to harm.