Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

It’s another Thursday Thirteen! My random subject matter in this post consists of a selection of thirteen character names in my as-of-yet-unpublished books.

In Brusied:
Wes - 15 year old foster son being physically abused (only) by his police officer foster father

Lisa – Wes’ foster sister, 14 years old, in the same position

Harry - the girl chasing, promiscuous half of the gorgeous 16 year old Hathaway twins

Sam - second half of the Hathaway twins, sullen, with a penchant for violence and destruction

Dan - police officer and abusive foster father to Wes and Lisa

As-of-yet untitled historical fiction:
- second oldest in a group of nine children who survived their town’s outbreak of scarlet fever and have been brought to a new town to be adopted by a reclusive farmer

Colin - the young but reclusive farmer with a sordid past who plans to use the children as work horses on his farm.

Shane - third oldest in the line of children, sympathetic to Lexi’s plight

Mari - fourth oldest in the line of children, helps Lexi with the mounting domestic and farm tasks since Colin has prohibited both girls from attending school in town

Jackson - son of Colin’s best friend - a neighboring farmer and raging drunkard - who secretly admires Lexi from afar

As-of-yet untitled futuristic fiction:
- one half of the judging team that hears and sentences all homicides that occur in his high-rise Life Tower, one of seven mega-towers that now house all people on earth

In Gangland:
- a former private school boy, now heads the vicious Vile Panthers gang in downtown Chicago, after a plague wipes out 2/3 of civilization leaving the remaining population to be ruled by gangs

Marco - following his secret rescue from death after his gang initiation, has finally risen to the top echelon of the Latin Fervor gang


Cindy Swanson said...

Wow, Ann-Marie...these all sound intriguing! Have you actually written these books?

WendyJanelle said...

What kinds of books do you read to get this kind of inspiration? ;-)

Ann-Marie said...

Cindy - I'm in the writing process on Bruised and Gangland. The others are just rough sketches I work on when I have time. If I was independently wealthy, maybe they'd get done faster! :-) Not that I don't love my day job!

Wendy - my favorite books are the futuristic In Death series (by J.D. Robb aka Nora Roberts), and the Jack Reacher series (by Lee Child). I also enjoy Scottish author Paul Johnston (Quintilian Dalrymple series) and Jonathan Kellerman (Alex Delaware series).

I'm a dark and twisted person! At least when it comes to books!