Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Quick Update!

Yesterday was busy at work, but I had a nice interruption!

My mom invited me to join a little impromptu lunch group at Culver’s. It was quite the lively group – Mom, me, Aunt Linda, Aunt Louise, the whole Erickson clan (Tammy, Rick, Megan, Caleb, and Jacob) and everybody’s favorite (well, mine anyway) Grandma!

It was a good-bye lunch for my Aunt Linda who is flying back to France today. She was only in the States for two and half weeks for this visit.

When I was growing up, Aunt Linda’s family visited only about every five years, but now that she’s retired she gets over here more often. We love seeing her!

Lunch was delicious, and Grandma complimented me on my bracelet! Plus, it was amazing to see how FAST Tammy’s kids are growing up. I remember when they were just babies. So hard to believe.

Later, I called Candice and invited her to come to a Tupperware party with me. She said she wanted to hang out, so I went to her house after work, and we talked for a while before going to the party.

I didn’t even know they sold Tupperware anymore, but they do! We had a really good time. There were some funny ladies there, and the Tupperware consultant was nice and not all pushy. Which is always a pleasant surprise.

There were also some rockin’ brownies on hand.

All in all, a busy but very nice day!


Robin Hayes said...

What bracelet? I love jewelry - making it, wearing it...I'd love to see your bracelet. I'm glad you had fun at the Tupperware party...I am such a loser friend, because I didn't realize until this morning that I had missed it and hadn't rsvp'ed either. Loser...loser...loser! In my defense, we were out of town through Monday night and I had a sick child I had to take to the doctor (in Beloit) yesterday. I'm still a loser, I know!

Heidi said...

I am glad you liked the brownies

WendyJanelle said...

rockin' brownies? What do those taste like? ;-)
Do they have nuts?? Yum.