Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Fun!

You know you went to a conservative Christian high school if:

Chapel was the longest class of the day, with at least one chapel of the week designated as “Sunday Dress Chapel.”

You’ve ever knelt on the floor to check your skirt length.

You wore nylons and dress shoes to school every day.

You know the “three finger rule” as it applies to below the knee, shoulder straps, and how many collar buttons have to be buttoned.

You amassed an admirably large collection of skirts in black and navy blue.

At least one of your teachers had more than seven kids.

You were never offered drugs or alcohol on school property.

Expulsion was the punishment for going to a movie, even if your parents approved it.

Detentions were given out for “acting worldly” and have “conduct unbecoming a Christian.”

“Gee,” “Golly,” and “Gosh” were “swear” word punishable by detention.

More than one guy in your class had the vague ambition of “going into the ministry” but didn’t know what that meant.

You had to wear culottes over your snowpants for winter sledding activities.

People always thought you were Amish when your class went out in public.

No mixed gym classes!!!

Everybody who tried out made the sports teams.

Your cheerleaders wore loose fitting blouses with mid-calf length skirts and weren’t allowed to do cartwheels, flips, or “routines” with a “beat."

Dating consisted of sitting a chair apart at a designated “dating” lunch table.

You never went to “prom” or “homecoming.”

The big social event of the year was the Junior/Senior Banquet where touching or looking at the opposite sex was not allowed.

When a girl said she “went all the way,” it meant she kissed a guy.

You got at least four personalized Bibles at your graduation open house.

And last of all:
You can name your entire graduating class using only two hands!

P.S. - Other signs/suggestions welcome!


Cindy Swanson said...

OK...that was good, although somewhat "ouch!"-inducing. :)

Culottes over snowpants...shudder. I maintain that whoever created culottes hated women, because only a tiny minority of females look attractive in them!

Ann-Marie said...

Amen to that, sister!

Sorry about the "ouch," I always mean to be funny but my sarcasm doesn't always translate well to the written word.

I'm grateful for my education and the sheltering at that time in my life. There is just so much humor in looing back on what was considered "important" back then that now is just...well, funny!

Heidi said...

And those three personalized Bibles were KJV.

been there and done all of that, except for the dating part. That never applied because no guys ever asked.

We had special permission on our senior trip to wear just the snowpants/ski pants when we went skiing. There was no way that I was going skiing in just snowpants and at least my parents wanted me to have a little dignity as not having to wear the coulottes over the snow pants for that particular activity. Though every other winter activity we had to.

Patrick Berryman said...

Whitewalls referred to an overly agressive haircut.

Amy Grant was considered worldly (wait...she still is).

You thought it was cool to listen to a group of long haired men who dressed like bumblebees (I'm dating myself now).

If you announced that you were going to a community college the principal called you into his office to warn you that you would no doubt backslide (ostensibly because the school did a horrible job preparing you to enter the "real world").

WendyJanelle said...

Wow I came from a different world.

mom2mine said...

man. Did we go to the same school?

You made me laugh. A LOT!

oh and I only where culottes now because I am finally spiritual.