Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Second Blogiversary

It’s hard to believe I started blogging almost two full years ago.

Back then, in 2006, someone referred me to their blog. Soon I found out even my Pastor had a blog. Immediately, I thought, “Hey, if they can do it, so can I!”

After I found out it was free, I was ready to get started. I even remember typing my first blog post and accidentally losing it before it published. I was so mad! It took me forever to reassemble my thoughts and write it all over again. I’m still convinced there is some brilliant witticism missing in that first post.

For a long while, it was just an online diary. I didn’t get any comments, and when someone WOULD comment, I’d salivate with happiness! I e-mailed my blog address to people I knew would be kind and understood my warped blend of sarcasm and insecurity.

Over the past two years, I’ve watched as some of those friends have started their own blogs - even my mom who said, “I’ll probably never use it.” and now can’t get her digital photos downloaded fast enough!

I’ve shared my heartaches of marriage trials, infertility, and rejection. I’ve laughed with friends at flimsy trash bags, Puffy Coats, and Brett’s zip-tied pants. I’ve debated parenting issues and rallied at parents who let their kids misbehave in public. I’ve apologized, ranted, and raved. I’ve even watched myself mature.

Through it all, I’ve felt the joy and freedom that naturally go hand in hand with uninhibited self-expression.

The truth is that I sincerely love writing and - by extension – blogging. I’ve appreciated you freely sharing your advice, insights, and comments that constantly challenge me to think and reevaluate.

As I embark on this third year of blogging, I want to thank you for reading this – my blog – and sharing the journey with this obviously fundamentally flawed person.

Thank you!


a joyful nusiance said...

I have so enjoyed reading your blog! Thank YOU for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us!

Alice said...

Happy, happy blogiversary! How odd that we started blogging at almost the exact same time. I've enjoyed getting to know you--through your blog and in person. I still say my all-time fav is Brett's zip-tied pants...

Anonymous said...

Your blog is good therapy! Since I've started reading, I've checked it almost daily.

Juliet said...

It was pure JOY to read your first post.

I thank you for setting my blog up for me. And yes I have grown rather fond of blogging.

Laughter is a big part of your blog and you remind me of Dad's humor whenever you add humor to your postings.