Friday, September 19, 2008

Rabbit Readings

I read this story in the Rockford Register Star a few days ago, and it just made my heart hurt. Rabbits are beautiful and sensitive animals, and this type of cruelty and abuse is indefensible.

I sent the following e-mail to the reporter in hopes that he will convey my sympathy to the family.

Hi, Kevin! I read your article in the 9/12/08 issue of the Rockford Register Star, Family seeks answers to rabbit’s death. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you writing sensitively about this family’s loss.

My husband and I own three house rabbits who we love very much. Normally, rabbits are not afforded the same status as beloved family pets as cats and dogs. I imagine, had this kind of animal abuse and mutilation occurred on a German Shepherd, it may have been considered even more “newsworthy.” So, the inclusion of your article, through sad, was very much appreciated.

Is there any way you could offer our condolences to this family on the loss of their pet? I would be grateful if you could pass our sentiments on this hurting family.

Thanks so much for your integrity and thoughtful writing.

At the bottom of the page, there is section to leave comments concerning this tragedy. As a rabbit caregiver, I would be appreciative if you’d add your voice to mine to let this family know you are thinking of them!


Laura Brown said...

Very well said. A couple of months ago someone was killing and mutilating pet rabbits in Germany, and the BBC reported it almost as if it were a lighthearted human-interest story. They got a LOT of complaints from rabbit owners and animal-lovers. It's good to see that the paper handled this story more sensitively.

It's sickening that anyone could harm an animal in that way. I will leave my condolences for the family.

Laura Brown said...

BTW, some of the people who left comments on that story are total idiots. But that's the Internet for you, I guess.

Ann-Marie said...

I was pretty incensed people were making light of it, too - and going off on stupid tangents. My comment was the one right before yours, and I struggled with being polite!