Monday, September 15, 2008

Sleepy Snow Story

The air conditioner was broken. It was too late in the evening to call a repair service, so the couple decided it would be cooler to sleep on their deck underneath the stars.

When the husband woke up, he discovered he was sleeping in his car in his parents’ driveway. He was confused about why he was there and wondered where his wife was. But he forgot all about her when he saw his parents coming out the front door. They were so happy to see him! His mom wrapped him in a tight hug, and his dad slapped him heartily on the back.

Soon, he was settled inside, talking and laughing with his parents. He looked out the window and realized it had begun to snow. All of a sudden, he remembered his wife asleep on the deck!

He bundled his parents into his car and drove the two hours back home. Frantically, the three of them searched for his wife in the ever-deepening snow. They couldn’t find her!

Eventually they called 911 and search teams scoured the area. An EMT made a grisly discovery. The wife’s body was jammed against a tree, frozen solid. The EMT whisked the wife away to the hospital where doctors specializing in cryogenics were called in.

It was too late. There was nothing the doctors could do but give the bad news to the stunned husband.

Then…my husband woke me up to make sure I was breathing. He told me about this horrid dream he’d just had. The only bright spot was that he got to see his mom again (she passed away in 2005). But I died!

He was really freaked out, telling me it had seemed so real and, “I just couldn’t live without you!” He spent the rest of the night with his arms wrapped tight around me.

I just don’t know what is up with these crazy dreams of ours.

At least Adam Sandler wasn’t in this one.


Anonymous said...

Awww! How sweet = )

Heidi said...

Brr, just seeing the picture is giving me the shivers. I think I might go have a warm cup of hot tea (I don't like hot chocolate or coffee).
Snow is something I am trying hard not to think about.
The dreams you two have.
Btw, you have been missed.

Alice said...

But was Joe Stowell one of the EMTs?

Ann-Marie said...

Alice - Since Brett was retelling his dream to me, I'm not sure. I can ask. It would be too weird if Dr. Stowell was in this one!

Heidi - Thanks! We miss everybody, too. Brett and I both pulled weekend shifts these past two weeks. We sure weren't thrilled about that!

Juliet said...

Well, if I get a weird dream soon, I'll phone you and you can add to the crazy dreams people have.

I always liked the dream I would have of our little black VW driving into a cave...and ending up in our living room.