Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Freak Out

To the guy in the white truck in front me when I was driving to work this morning –

You know who you are, license plate number 13571 D!

You were talking on your HUGE cell phone the entire drive from Roscoe to Rockford. You consistently drove 10 miles under the speed limit and apparently thought it was jolly good fun to step on your brakes every three seconds. Of course, you would speed up every time some driver had the audacity to try and pass you and your freak show.

You were a menace on the road. You need to get over your zipper insecurity, or at least that’s what I HOPE you were checking when you looked down in your lap every other minute.

Get off your phone, keep your head up, and at the very least – drive the posted speed limit.

Or so help me if I see you again.


Ann-Marie said...

Wow - I sound like I had a serious case of road rage!

But, seriously, driving behind this guy was like being killed slowly with toothpicks!

Eb & said...
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joydriven said...

i loved the last line. i realize that makes me seriously sadistic. but i loved it anyway. ~joy

The Beard Bunch said...

Well, I guess one reason to have a blog is to let go of some of that rage one can get at a driver :) I had a guy on a motorcycle pass me on the left hand side as I was turning left on a 2-lane road. Interesting, but I did not feel the toothpicks.

Heidi said...

Other people's driving is one of my pet peeves. I hate it when they go under the speed limit (much less when they insist on going 45 in a 45 -- what is up with that? ;-)) then you look and they are on their phone or talking to their passenger.
Better yet when they speed by you just to get stopped at the same stop light as you. I want to laugh and say "yeah, that got you a loooonnnnnggg ways didn't it?" sorry, can't help myself.
I wonder if I peeve others with my driving??? Hmmmm.

Laura Brown said...

Here in Britain, it's actually illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving. Sadly, no one pays any attention.

a joyful nusiance said...

I am sorry, I keep trying to teach Jeremy how to drive, but you know what it's like to try and teach our men. It's pointless! ;)

Heidi said...

It is also illegal in some parts of the USA.
Might as well make eating in car, changing music, and kids in car illegal too. Those are also distractions.