Saturday, September 06, 2008

My 2 Cents on Sarah

Look, I like her, too.

And my husband loves her. Are you kidding - a beautiful woman who moose hunts AND belongs to the National Rifle Association? Where's she been all his life, you know?

I guess I just want to remind us to try and NOT put her on a pedestal. The higher we lift people up, the farther they have to fall.

But that said, I'm all girly in high-pitched screams at the possibility of having a smart conservative woman in the White House (as everybody is over-saying) a "heartbeat" away from the presidency.

Team Sarah. (Oh, and that other guy, too.)


Anonymous said...

Thank you. So true. And well said!

Heidi said...

We also need to remember that God raises up "kings" and takes them down at His will. Obviously His will may be Obama (I hope not), but would America deserve any less?
But, God may put Sarah there "for such a time as this."--Esther 4:14
We all make mistakes and no one is perfect, and I have made the mistake of putting man on a pedestal and seeing them fall.
I am "giddy" with excitement as I think that I get to vote for a woman and she is a conservative one with good family values. She is a good example for young girls to follow (in human terms).

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Some people are already trying to knock her down because of her daughter. Let's see them cast the first stone.

You're right-- she does not need to be on a pedestal, for her own good. But I'm still very proud of her, very excited, and almost giddy about voting for