Thursday, March 27, 2008

TV Free Thursday

The bunnies have acclimated quite well to the laundry room. Better than I expected, even.

Hannah is still trying to decide if she likes where the litter box is. At least, I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt, since she’s obviously decided to try going just about every other place.

Peyton actually seems to like it quite well, which is unexpected. Usually, he’s the more rambunctious of the two and definitely the intrepid explorer. But the laundry room does get a great deal more natural sunlight than the master bedroom, and Peyton loves to sun himself, so I think he likes all the Vitamin D streaming through the window.

Hannah, however, is still pining for the old room. I can tell this by how she’s positioned her body like a furry door stop right behind the baby gate. I’ve almost stepped on her twice, just trying to retrieve laundry.

I was initially worried how the bunnies might react to the loud noises of the washer and dryer. Hannah especially balks at loud, unexpected noises. I did a trial run today, though, and it didn’t seem to affect them at all. In fact, they couldn’t have been LESS worried.

One huge benefit to the laundry room is the vinyl/tile flooring. Both bunnies love to spread out with their stomachs on the cool floor. I imagine if I was covered in fur I, too, would like the opportunity to lean up against something nice and cool.

As it is, I like my pillow ice cold when I go to bed.

After his initial zip-run, I thought Hector would be in heaven with both big rooms to himself. But somehow, he’s decided he likes his own space just fine, and has yet to (at least not that we’ve seen) venture back into the master bedroom.

Having the bedroom clear of bunnies allowed me to get a little cleaning done last night (yea!). I washed out the dirty, dusty light fixtures and attacked the mound (not a euphemism) of dust that had accumulated on the top of our headboard.

It was….disgusting. But knowing I only had to do a few things made it feel a lot more manageable, and I didn’t even get the inclination to cry (like I normally do when I clean.)

*Sigh* I do so hate to clean. Really, really hate it.

At least it’s easier when there is an end in sight.

Good news – absolutely nothing good on TV tonight. Yea! Brett’ll probably pop in a DVD, and I can clean to my heart’s content.

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