Tuesday, March 04, 2008

If The Only Drawback Is No Moonshine…

I’ve gone to hundreds of Ladies Banquets over the years. It’s a right of passage for young women growing up in conservative churches.

I have lunched with the best of them.

I’ve lunched in hats, high heels, and dressed like Laura Ingalls. I’ve seen more than one church basement festooned in ribbon themes, pearl themes, and garden themes. I’ve viewed every possible skit on motherhood.

I’ve been in numerous fashion shows and even once wore a dress completely made out of Slinky toys as a play on a “Spring Dress.” I’ve heard funny speakers, serious teachers, and watched Proverbs 31 be dissected within an inch of its life.

My point is…I’ve been banqueted.

With that said, it is my absolute pleasure to invite you to a different type of shindig (Do not tell anyone from church I called it a shindig. There will be NO moonshine, jug playing, or square dancing. At least, I don’t think so – more’s the pity).

It is actually a Women’s Conference put on by Morning Star Baptist Church. I am being a little biased here when I say it is THE best group of wonderful, warm, and welcoming people you shall ever meet. (See, I SHOULD say it is ONE of the best…but it’s my bias, and I’ll thank you to let me keep it!)

Last year’s conference was a DREAM. And if you can keep a fussbudget like me happy, then you are surely doing an exceptional job – because, let’s face it, I’m a wee bit picky.

The conference is far from typical in many ways. First, let’s tackle the heart of the matter. The food. What? Why? What did you think I was going to say?

The food is phenomenal – tasty treats tricked-out as far as the eye can see (Don’t tell anyone I said the treats were tricked-out, either. I don’t want anyone to think it’s a bad thing.)

What I enjoy the most, however, is the wonderful laid-back, informal feel of the event. There are interesting discussion topics, ones pertinent to my life, plus main-event speakers who are down to earth, interesting, and invested in my spiritual growth.

If you live in the Chicago/Rockford area, this is a conference NOT to be missed. Plus, we could hang out together – maybe even get some square dancing or jug playing in (I’m trying to lay off the moonshine).

And the best news is…you don’t have to dress like Laura Ingalls!


SturgillMom said...

Count me in!! Seriously, I do wish I lived closer to be able to go. I have been to one too many of those stuffy little shindigs and went home to pig out on real food. Have fun!

Alice said...

I'm definitely thinking about going this year...

Heidi said...

I was not going to go, but my husband talked me into it. I agree and thanks for the compliment that we are wonderful people. hee

Juliet said...

I must say...It was such a blessing to me. I learned so much and YES the food is out of this world.

WendyJanelle said...

I hate comment spammers. Ugh.

Anyway, the conference sounds great. I've also been to my fair share, and I vowed never to go to another one at our previous church (of 15+years) because it was SO terrible.

THIS sounds good. Wish I could go!!!

Julee Ann said...

Hi Ann-Marie,
Thanks for stopping by and it's always good to meet another Moodyite? I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts.
Non-Profit? I'm very interested and have an embryonic idea formulating.
Nice to meet ya!

mom2mine said...

I too have been banqueted out. I wouldn't mind trying a new twist :)

Ann-Marie said...

Alice & Tancy - you guys should totally come to the conference! I know you'd love it! Heidi, Mom, and I are tons of fun (evens sans moonshine). Oh yeah, and the conference is AWESOME, too!

Aunt Jan and Linda should come, too - hint, hint!!!

mom2mine said...

I wish I could! I can't. That is the weekend I get to be a bridesmaid! One thing i know for sure, 31 year old mothers of four shouldn't be bridesmaids!!!LOL

WendyJanelle said...

After reading this, I stepped up to plan the homeschool fall retreat. Seriously. That is totally out of my comfort zone (because I do fear failure!!), but I'm going to do my best to make it great!! I'm co-chairing with two incredible women, and we're getting together to brainstorm next Thursday. Soooo, email me if you have ideas or suggestions!! It will be in the fall and will be an overnighter.