Monday, March 24, 2008

Lazy Lagomorph

Am I the only one who wakes up and realizes I have not been taking charge of my own life?

I mean, not that I SHOULD take charge of my life…obviously, my life is the Lord’s, and He should take charge of it. What I mean is that – lately - I’ve been so apathetic (pathetic, too) I’ve not even opened up my heart to the Lord TO take charge of it.

I was deeply convicted the other day of my own laziness.

I have been doing the absolute minimum to get by lately. I take a shower, get dressed, feed the bunnies, and do the absolutely minimum in care and feeding of myself – laundry and dishes only, so much so – that our house has fallen into disarray.

Now, I know what you are thinking – probably what I thought originally. That Brett should be helping out and doing stuff around the house, too. And you’re right. He should.

But this conviction wasn’t about Brett. It was about me.

God was specifically convicting me to get off my well-padded seat. To go forth and do something.

I know how this happened. And not to drag my unsuspecting husband back into the fray, I think it did start with him. Once upon a time, I had energy and motivation to DO THINGS. I would start the day off with a song, work hard all day, get home and just keep going.

After a while, I noticed my husband dragged himself out of bed, went to work, came home, and sacked out on the couch for the rest of the night to watch TV. It used to annoy the crackers out of me. After years of him doing NOTHING after work, I decided to go on strike.

“That’ll show him,” I thought.

So, when we got home, we’d both sack out in our separate chairs and watch TV. When he’d make rumblings about what to have for dinner, I’d tell him I already had a bagel and cream cheese. I was SO not making his dinner. I mean, REALLY, we were both adults, and if we weren’t BOTH going to contribute, then he could just amble out and make his own sandwich.

Now, here’s about when I get fuzzy on what happened. Somewhere in all the “pretending,” somewhere in all the “on strike” business, I started to enjoy just relaxing at night after work.

I liked coming home and doing nothing.

Oh, the dust and the cobwebs bothered me, but not enough to be the ONLY ONE TO EVER DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT (sighed the martyr).

Oh, but…as He always does…the Lord brought me back down to earth.

I’m not responsible for my lazy husband.

I’m responsible for my lazy ME.

I’m the one who has to stand before the Lord of the Universe and explain why I chose to watch Big Brother 9 instead of cleaning when I was FULLY AWARE God’s will for the moment included cleaning – and taking care of the house He had given me, as a faithful steward.

I can’t imagine there would be a good excuse, and I’ve no doubt I’ll be on the floor babbling when that time comes.

However, the conviction was obvious. I prayed and asked the Lord specifically what I should do. It really wasn’t much of a puzzle, as I immediately knew the answer was to cut way down on the TV.

And, obviously, not to watch TV and eat at the same time (therefore getting drawn in and never getting up before bed).

So, I made a decision. I’m not going to watch TV this week. And I’m going to see what I can get done with all that time.

There are probably a lot of you out there who think, “Who has time for TV? I’m lucky to get to sit down.” And you’re right.

Sometimes, I think having children forces responsibility and time management in ways that those of us who don’t have children have to learn on our own. And it’s not easy.

Especially when you know you can get away with it.

I know it’s a small, tiny thing. But I’m asking for your prayer…since I know I’m going to need it!


Heidi said...

That's awesome to go without tv. What you could also do is make a list of what you wish to accomplish in an evening. While you are getting the stuff done, record your favorite shows and reward yourself with one after the list is completed. Once you get through the week of no tv.
Also, try She has some great ideas in keeping a straight house (like I am one to talk, but when I have used her ideas, it has worked).

WendyJanelle said...

I can't get over the "(sighed the martyr)" line. Ha Ha Ha !
You are so funny! Have I said that before??

How long have you been married? I used to feel the same way. "Why am I the only one working? Why doesn't he sweep? Does he ever wash clothes?" and on and on. Then one day I realized what you just realized: I could only be in charge of me. And, really, my husband has so many awesome-ly amazing qualities...why gripe about housework, you know. So what if I do most of the work-- more exercise for me! More sense of accomplishment for me!

I also found that if I gently explained that if we BOTH worked on the house more, then I would get to work less, thereby spending more time with him. He has been receptive, and we've both been happier.

And now for the whole TV thing. I make no bones about how I feel about TV. You've heard it before.
So I will certainly pray for you. :-)

Long enough comment?? Sorry!

Alice said...

When we finally cut off the cable, it was a great day (ok, it wasn't great at first. But when I got used to it, it was great). I got so much more work done. Plus, you can read more too! I hope you'll do an update post at the end of the week!

Alice said...

Oh one more thing, as Heidi mentioned, flylady is good (though, do NOT sign up for her emails. That is overwhelming.) And Emilie Barnes has some good books on getting lots of things done in 15-minute time spans (of course that's not the exact title)...but something like that.

Anouk said...
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Anouk said...

Ann-Marie, will be praying it goes well for you!

Alice, do you mean "More Hours in my Day" by E. Barnes? That is a great book! The 15 minute timer thing works great for me - I just need to use it more! :) Flylady was a great help too.

If anyone needs a filing system, I found a great one (File it, Don't Pile it). I just started it a few months ago and it helps me SO much with the paper clutter (that's my biggest downfall) . . . and it's so flexible - I love it. In fact, I keep telling my husband how much I love it . . . he may almost be getting jealous! :)

Anyway, sorry for the long post. This is just a subject that "steps on my toes" or "hits close to home." :)


Alice said...

Anouk, the one I meant specifically was "The 15-Minute Home and Family Organizer" (I finally looked up the title!), but the one you mentioned sounds great too!

Ann-Marie said...

Thanks for the great tips on resources! I'm going to check into them. I had no idea there were so many people who struggled with cleaning the way I do.

Wendy - we've been married for almost eight years, but I've known he was lazy for twelve. I can't say I didn't see this coming...d'oh on my part!

Anouk - Ooo...clutter is the worst! I hate it, and I'm a pretty good clean space keeper, but Brett's total clutter bug. Last night I threatened to sweep it all up in a garbage bag and throw it down the basement stairs. (Um...that did get him moving...but the LOOK I got!) :-)

Juliet said...

Dearest Daughter of Mine

I think that Brett needs..File it, Don't Pile it and your tables would look great! least we could eat off them;o)....and even see them.

Be praying for you concerning NO TV. That's going to be hard since Brett will have it on.

Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

You'll never regret getting organized...and if you manage to turn off the tv more'll never regret that either.
Don't give up.