Thursday, March 20, 2008

Throwing a Thursday Tantrum

I’m back in the swing of things again today.

Not that I’m swinging by any means. My back is not quite that limber.

Thanks for the sympathy and the good advice. Perhaps the best advice is the Vicodin, Alice. (You have any I could borrow?)

Some random thoughts today:

~ It’s the first day of spring, and it’s already too hot for me. I sweated all my make-up off while I was doing my hair this morning. Fall can’t come soon enough.

~Why doesn’t someone invent a self-cleaning toilet?

~ One of the greatest consequences of the fall? Dust. I’ll bet a perfect, unfallen world would be free of dust. I remember hearing once; dust is “little pieces of you that died in the night.” Yep. And I hate it.

~ I am having a fat day. Why hasn’t someone invented a skinny pill? I feel all bloated, hot, and lazy…wait, am I turning into a man?

I’m sorry for the attitude. It’s just been once of those days where I long for my bed and a good solid week to stay in it.
See what spring does to me?

Just wait til summer.


Alice said...

Ask and you shall receive! Apparently 8 inches of snow is coming tonight. Joy. A white Easter.

Anonymous said...

If I ever thought I'd like you to move closer... You just talked me out of it =) I'm sorry that you had a rotten "first day of Spring". Spring was quite different in my day...very positive, and I'll balance your negative with that...just like you balanced my dislike for winter =) I hope you feel better, and MUCH more feminine in the morning.

PS I have never had a whole week to stay in bed....have you?

Ann-Marie said...

One of my current fantasies is having a week free to do what I really want to do - nothing! I want to sleep for a week; I'm so busy all the time.

I always think of a passage from a one of the Grandma's Attic books where Mabel talks about wanting everything to go smoothly and be perfect, and her pragmatic best friend Sarah Jane say, "So, you're ready to depart for Heaven immediately, then?"

Sometimes, I'm with Mabel!

Tob - My love for you is great, but me in Arkansas is probably a pipe dream! You, however, are from Wisconsin, for you it'd be coming home! Move closer to ME! :-)

WendyJanelle said...

For some reason all of your recent posts aren't coming to me, even though I'm subscribed through feedblitz. Dang.

You...hate...warm weather? ? Are you serious?? There are no words.

I'm speechless. .. ...