Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Men, Moving, and (Criminal) Minds

Okay, so I’m a typical wife in that I probably complain about my husband too much (when he is actually a pretty nice guy who loves me a heck of a lot).

Then, every so often, he goes and does something really sweet, and I’m back to square one trying to figure him out.

For instance, this morning, he woke me up with a five-minute back rub that was just heavenly, whispered “I love you” in my ear before leaving for work, and even turned the lights out so I could catch another hour of sleep.

And last night, he helped me corral two resistant bunnies into their temporary home.

This was not the easy task you might think.

Peyton is clearly the leader of the two, and Hannah is the biblical version of a submissive wife in that where Peyton goes happily, so she goes. However, Peyton absolutely DID NOT WANT to move into the laundry room. I chased him around for 20 minutes before resorting to “the towel.”

With most rabbits, if they are not receptive to being picked up, you can completely cover them with a towel. It disorients them, and they stop moving, so you’re able to scoop them up. However, even completely covered in towel, Peyton squirmed like snake on fire.

Eventually, I got him out in the hallway and shut the bedroom door behind him. He was so mad and kept thumping his hind legs to let me know I was THE WORST BUNNY MOM IN THE WORLD.

Hannah was much more receptive to being picked up, and after only one false start, my gentle gray girl let me pick her up and deliver her to Peyton’s side in the hallway. The two of them immediately ran and hid under an end table, shooting me daggers with their eyes.

I’d worked hard in the early evening to make the laundry room a very cozy home for them, so I was feeling more than a little fed-up. They had two brand new “apartment” boxes, one “digger” hay box, comfy fleece blankets, and their security blankets (they love Brett’s old T-shirts). So, they SHOULD have been eager to explore, but as bunnies are wont to do, they never go where you want them to go.

Brett and I left them in the hallway for a while, and eventually they deigned to check out the laundry room. After a while they begrudgingly settled in. I popped the baby gate at the doorway and finally went to get dinner.

Stubborn little lagomorphs!

Hector, now having the run of both the bathroom (his normal space) and the big bedroom, had a fun time zip-racing around in circles.

We decided to let Peyton and Hannah get used to the laundry room last night and start cleaning the bedroom tonight. At which point, Hector goes back into the bathroom. But I saw no problem with his having the run of both rooms with the other two bunnies not in residence.

I had planned to clean last night, but getting the bunnies settled ended up being an all night job.

I was VERY grateful for Brett’s help. Peyton is very much a Daddy’s bunny and without Brett cajoling him into the laundry room, I would have torn my hair out.

Hannah voiced her displeasure at the new arrangement (and loss of space and familiarity) the only way she could - by peeing all over her blanket.

But this morning, they both cozied up for cheek rubs when I stepped in the laundry room to change their food and water. Hopefully, this bodes well.

The good thing about having them in the laundry room, if they decide to be messy, it’s so much easier to clean up on a vinyl floor, as opposed to the carpet.

So, we’ll see how it goes tonight with the bedroom cleaning.

I was encouraged however when I DID stop by the Flylady’s website and read “Your house didn’t get messy all in one day, so don’t expect to have it clean all in one day.”

One step at a time.

P.S. – I’m failing miserably on the TV front however! I did watch Big Brother 9 and the series finale of Jericho last night. And Criminal Minds is on tonight…I’m in trouble.

Now, I’m thinking with a TV in the bedroom, at least I can watch while I clean.



Heidi said...

I do that!! I will turn on the tv and clean either during the show or I will clean during commercials if there is something that really needs to be done. I know I am not much of an encouragement.
I don't watch much tv, but what I do watch I like to enjoy, so I do try to find things like folding laundry, sweeping the floor, dusting, etc... that I can do while watching and getting everything that is going on.

WendyJanelle said...

unplug it.

Sorry, I just can't relate. I do not watch TV. Nothing. Zip. If Fred has a game on, I try to ignore it. I don't even know how many points a touch-down is. Too much to do, too little time. ;-)

Sounds like your bunnies keep you as busy as my four kids keep me!!..and they may be just as mischevious, too!

Anonymous said...

I love reading about your adventures with your bunny babies! Thanks for sharing the adventure =)
As for cleaning up and cutting out tv... both of those will be a process...recognize small steps and keep stepping.

mom2mine said...

I giggled to myself when i thought of the two of you chasing bunnies around you house. Glad you got them sequestered!

Having been through Flylady's program, it really does work. However, you must remember. BABYSTEPS. I am in the midst of babystepping through the disaster this place has become lately. I am trying to not tackle it in one afternoon and end up with a bigger mess.

Btw.... I want you to stop by my fat blog... I have a proposal for you :)

Ann-Marie said...

Thanks, guys - I really appreciate the support. It is tough to remember it's one step at a time.

Wendy - Unplug it! You slay me. Yeah, that's not happening. For one thing, I'm not the ONLY one who's addicted! (guess who) And I still like TV...I'm just trying to learn to control it. Oh, Wendy! You're SO much like Tob - I'm glad you guys are around to be my friends! :-)