Tuesday, March 25, 2008

House (and) Cleaning

So, I kicked off my “No More TV” night with…

part of a House episode and all of Medium (one of my absolutely favorite shows…because say what you will, I do believe we are all psychically linked).

Now, before you throw up your hands and roll your eyes, I will say I spent roughly two hours cleaning the laundry room from top to bottom. I even cleaned out the closet that hasn’t been touched since 2005! The whole room’s sparkly now!

House was actually an accident, since I was going to eat my grilled ham and cheese sandwich in the kitchen, but Brett wanted me to eat with him. I spent all the commercial breaks cleaning, and the next hour I worked like a crazy person. Then, I sat down, watched Medium, and kept cleaning during the breaks.

After Medium, I folded two loads of laundry, took a shower, and read until bed.

The reason I took a shower is because apparently, cleaning makes me not smell so good. I mean, it was only an HOUR, and I smelled like I’d been living in a Bosnian refugee camp for a week.

When Brett came to bed, I asked him to “check out the laundry room,” since I am all about the praise and affirmation. As usual, he did not disappoint! Brett is an excellent “praiser,” and he even noticed the clean closet.

“Hey, that’s where those buckets went! I KNEW I bought those!”

If you ever want to make me feel good, just praise me for something you KNOW it’s hard for me to do. His sweet words felt so good and rewarding; it was even better than finally having a clean room in my house.

I chose to start with the laundry room, since Peyton and Hannah will be moving in there for a couple of days. Normally, P&H sleep in our room, but “someone” (I’m not pointing any fingers…Hannah.) had a problem with diarrhea, and now our carpet is…ahhh...not looking so good.

I decided to move P&H into the laundry room for a couple of days while I tackle cleaning our bedroom from top to bottom.

Okay, so here’s the big admission, I, um, haven’t cleaned behind our dresser, or our headboard, um, since we moved in. And that was, oh, seven years ago.

Horton may hear a Who, but I think I have an undiscovered civilization behind my dresser.

Either way, with the bunnies out from underfoot, I’ll be able to attack the Dust Monster.

Brett has agreed to steam clean the carpet. He bought a machine for it at Sam’s Club gazillions of years ago, but I made him swear (I really did) on the box of the very expensive machine that if our carpet was every in need of steam cleaning (IF...oh, I was so young and naïve) that HE would be the one to do it.

Voila! So, in the past six years we’ve had bunnies, steam cleaning carpets has become second nature to my husband.

Best deal I ever made.

So, tonight, I’m starting anew – cleaning the bedroom from top (dust on the fan) to the bottom (the dirty carpet).

I will keep you updated on the Great Clean-Up of 2008!

I just remembered…there’s a TV in the bedroom. Uh-oh!


Robin Hayes said...

You go, Girl! I wish that I could say I was joining you in making a difference in my home. I get sidetracked SOOOOO easily! I'm proud of you!

Alice said...

That sounds fantastic. Spring cleaning is great feeling.

Oh, House. I'm eagerly awaiting new episodes. Though I don't think I could ever have an MRI now because of that show.

Heidi said...

I haven't even watched the episode of CSI Miami I recorded last night.
Now I am being convicted, thanks a lot.
My husband will be happy.
I guess since it is Spring, hopefully, I can begin my annual clean/garage sale collection.

Anonymous said...

I just cleaned the laundry room before checking your blog... what did you say about a psychic connection? =)