Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pray for Tonight

Please pray for me tonight!

Our company’s biggest public event – a high ticket sit down dinner - is tonight, and I’ll be handling press, public relations, my girl representatives, and more. Plus, I created the PowerPoint, and you know how that program loves to wig out at the worst time.

Please pray the event will be God-honoring (even though our company might not care – I sure do) and that God might use it to draw people to Himself. Also, pray for me that I will have a peaceful and serene spirit! Pray for my composure, efficiency, and abilities….and wisdom in all the choices I’ll have to make before/during/after the event.

As always, your prayers are appreciated.

Since I work in “the world,” I tend to forget what is really important – that God would be glorified in all that I (personally) do! So, please also pray I will keep that in mind all night!


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Jennittia said...

Even though I am reading it too late, what an uplifting post! Good reminder to keep God always before us! Hope things went well!