Monday, June 11, 2007

Celebrations & Cessationists

This weekend was SO nice!

Now that my company has started “summer hours,” we close at 1:00 p.m. on Fridays. So, I usually get to enjoy a long nap on Friday, and since Brett is off on Fridays, we can decide if we want to go out. This Friday, though, we both decided that we wanted to…NAP! I know that hardly sounds exciting, but we do both get up at 4:30 a.m. every morning, so we like to catch up on sleep when we can.

On Saturday, we putzed around the house in the morning. Nothing we like more than a good putzing. Then we went to my Cousin Jason’s graduation party. He is now officially a DOCTOR! A PhD! In my very own family! In my very own blue collar family! Yea!

His parents – my Aunt Venita and Uncle David – threw him a wonderful graduation party at Camp Winnebago. Jason was a camp counselor at Camp Winnebago years ago, so they got a really great rate. The day couldn’t have been more beautiful, weather-wise, and the facilities were all gorgeous log-cabin style. And the BEST part was the amazing food catered in from Rockford’s famous Kings Table Catering. Mmm…it was SO good!

We got to visit with family, almost everyone was there. It was the perfect day to sit around and get caught up on all the latest news:

Uncle Billy and Lina have a HUGE above-ground pool at their place now.
Mom and Aunt Jan talked about their trip to visit Michael and Danielle.
Kara and I talked about getting matching manicures on Friday.

Exciting stuff like that.

And, because Aunt Venita works at City Hall, the Mayor came to the party! That was really nice! We got to see him – up close and personal!

Later that evening, Brett and I went over to Mom and Gary’s, and the four of us played Sequence with Aunt Jan and Uncle Darryl. Actually, we taught Aunt Jan and Uncle Darryl the game, and they caught on pretty quickly. Especially Uncle Darryl who proclaimed it “a great game for late nights and simple minds.” I found that particularly interesting, since he was on the men’s team that LOST to us women four times in a row!!!

Maybe we should challenge the men to a game of Candyland?

The fellowship was fun – in spite of our time-consuming quest to make strawberry shakes in Mom and Gary’s broken blender. Thank goodness for the Magic Bullet!

On Sunday, we enjoyed morning service. The message was on the Holy Spirit. Pastor talked about the difference between cessationists and non-cessationists. It was a very interesting topic, and I managed to suppress the urge to pretend to “speak in tongues.” Ha! Ha! That would have been funny – but Brett would have crawled under his seat!

For lunch, we went to Applebee’s where we both ate too much. No surprise there.

Evening service was on the Lord’s Supper and how believers are all one body (say it with me one more time Morningstaronians – “one body”). It was a time of great fellowship, and Brett and I both went home in a reflective state of mind.

Now, for the week ahead, I’ve got grocery shopping (humans) tonight. Grocery shopping (rabbits) tomorrow night or possibly as photographer-on-call for work tomorrow night. Wednesday, Brett and I plan on helping at Kids4Truth (which looks to be a lot like Girl Scouts on first glance) at church – we started helping last week and lived to tell the tale. I am hosting a work-related training on Thursday, and Kara and I are getting manicures on Friday. Saturday, I have two parties to attend, and Sunday is church again! Whew! Busy week.

Please pray for me…you know I need it!

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Heidi said...

I LOVE sequence. My inlaws introduced it to us and it is fun.
Then they found it, in tact, at a garage sale, so we have a copy of it now.
Looking forward to seeing you at K4T on Wednesday. Try not to work too hard this week.
It is a good thing to keep busy.