Monday, May 14, 2007

Sweet & Silly Squabbles

It’s nice to be able to have silly squabbles once again.

When Brett and I went through our “difficult December” (as I’m now referring to it), we were seriously fighting over things that mattered. His job, his attitude, my frustration, our spirituality. It was so exhausting and especially hard because those things were important and so worrisome that it easily became overwhelming.

Now that we’ve worked through those issues, we’re back to normal. Or normal for us, that is. Here is a little multiple choice quiz. This weekend, Brett and I argued briefly (and barely seriously) about:

A.) Which movie to see - Spiderman 3 (my choice) or 28 Weeks Later (his choice)?
B.) Whether or not he should eat both boxes of steamed corn in the freezer or whether I could have one?
C.) Why I ate half his M&M’s and blamed it on the rabbits?
D.) All of the above

You guessed it! D is the correct answer.

We had such a relaxing weekend that I think our Weird-Meter just went into overdrive. As you can see, we argued about the strangest things (often laughing in between), and I found myself wondering, “Are we really having this conversation? Seriously?”

It was nice to be joking about movies and (yes, even about) steamed corn. Sometimes marriage squabbles can be fun – even if I don’t win.

Like when I had to admit that “Fine, already. The rabbits didn’t eat those M&M’s. Happy now?!”

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