Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Square Dancing, Shrek, and…Siblings?

I have vivid dreams. I can’t tell you how many times I wake up thinking, "Boy THAT was weird!”

Last night was no exception. I had another doozy.

The dream began in a big, beautiful, log cabin style church. The church had three-tiered stairways with a wide platform on each tier.

Starting out in the dream, I was square dancing (in full puffed-out skirt regalia) on one of the tiers with a partner. Someone was jealous of my partner though, so I had to hand over my partner and climb the stairs back up to the auditorium.

Then, I headed over to join the choir as we were about to march up to our place on the stage. But we discovered that the stage was empty, so we had no where to sit. So, we lugged chairs up on stage until we ran out of chairs. Then - in a blast of inspiration – we decide to lug pop-up trundle beds on stage, so the choir members could lay down while singing. (Why the church had a huge supply of pop-up trundle beds, I’ll never know).

So, there I am - laying on my stomach in a pop-up trundle bed next to one of my sister choir members in front of a large church congregation singing my heart out.

After we sing, the first speaker stands up. It’s David Letterman! At first, I am surprised, but then I remember, “Oh, that’s right. We’re in Chicago!” (Which makes NO sense, since David Letterman doesn’t film his show in Chicago, but anyway…?)

David Letterman, all dressed in white, finished his speech, thanks the choir, and then introduces the next speaker – Eddie Murphy!

Eddie gives a speech and then asks the choir to leave the stage. As we are all stepping down, I notice a small garden fountain that needs to be moved to the side. I quickly and quietly move the fountain into its proper spot. When I look up, I see Eddie Murphy with a mean look in his eye. Without warning, he pulls the hose out of the fountain and drenches me with water!

The congregation laughs but people are quiet as I pass by their pews. When I get near the back, a kid dressed as an 80’s punk rocker in an electric orange shirt pulls a giant yellow pew away from the door so I can get back into the lobby.

When I step into the lobby, I see the Foster siblings from our church. I wonder why they would come to hear Eddie Murphy.

I think I’ve made Eddie feel pretty bad about drenching me with water by my “walk of shame” to the lobby, but then I see his notes in an accordion file on the window ledge.

Suddenly, I remember Eddie (apparently we have the kind of relationship where we talk every so often) once told me that he only APPEARS to be an off-the-cuff comedian, but he really needs his notes to study beforehand.

So, in retribution, I take the accordion files to the top of the three stairways, and turn them upside down. I watch as the papers float and flitter, all out of order, to the bottom of the stairs.

And then I woke up.

As I analyzed my dream, I was able to pick up some of the places my subconscious had pulled the ideas from – here they are:

Square dancing – my co-worker is a big square dancing fan and the other day she told me a long story about how she has square dancing earrings

Pop-up trundle beds – I had one of these as a kid

Eddie Murphy – Before I went to bed, I read an article about Shrek 3 coming out

Small garden fountain – I saw one of these for sale in a magazine the other day

Foster siblings - I read about the Fosters on Joy’s blog

The “scene” where I throw the accordion file from the top of the stairs is from one of my favorite movies – 10 Things I Hate About You

The rest of the stuff, I have absolutely NO idea where it came from!


Heidi said...

You watch too much tv. ha ha

Ann-Marie said...

Don't I know it! That's what I get for missing church on Sunday - weird dreams!

joy said...

don't be irritated:
i "tagged" you in a meme...

Ann-Marie said...

I also watch too many movies!