Wednesday, May 09, 2007

But Mine Really Is

Pretty cards, dressed in pink, proudly proclaim, “To the Best Mom in the World!”

But mine really is.

Gold pendants dangle and silver hearts sparkle, emblazoned with “#1 Mom!”

But mine really is.

Fertile mothers scuttle around in comfy sweatshirts announcing “I’m a great mom! Just ask Brittany, Colin, and Jill.”

Birthstone necklaces abound. One gem for Madison, another for Michaela, and don’t forget Jack.

Syrupy sentiments shout “World’s Best Mom!” on everything from refrigerator magnets to coffee cups.

So, go ahead. Choose one for that special mom in your life. Show her how much you care by giving her the gift of “The Best Mom in the World!”

It’s okay. I’ll keep the secret. Because I know mine really is.


Joy said...

um...would it be conceding you were RIGHT if i pointed out that i like what you WROTE? =} of course, MY mom's the world's best, but this is still very nice.

Ann-Marie said...

Thanks for the kudos. It means a lot to me coming from a talented writer such as yourself. And of course, both our moms are the best!

Juliet said...

Your middle name "JOY" isn't for naught
Love, Mom

Jennittia said...

How beautiful!!! Praise God for Godly parents.