Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hot & Bothered

First of all, it was so hot you could fry an egg…on my head.

There I was this morning – trying to do my hair (includes blow drying and hot rollers), and the sweat was just rolling down my face. Then I tried putting make-up on. Good luck. I think it had all melted off by the time I made it out the door.

How I hate the heat and humidity! WHAT do people SEE in summer?! WHAT??? It’s sticky, hot, humid – body odor pollutes the air. People drive like maniacs. I saw four accident sites on the way to work. People scuttle about scantily clad and expect you to do the same. It’s madness!

So, it’s hot. And then I get in my car – thinking that at least I can drive to work with the windows down, hot air coming in the windows, at least cooling me down a bit. I’m NOT turning my air conditioning on – in my car or in my house. I’m just NOT going to do it. It’s too expensive and frankly…it’s TOO early. Madness.

Oh, but then it starts to rain. “It’s okay,” I assure myself. “It’s just a little rain. I can still drive with the windows down.” So I said to myself...until it was coming down in sheets.

So, I was forced to roll my windows up in my cramped little car. Set the sauna to 8, please. It was hot, no air flow…and to make it worse, I had just put a new air freshener in my car. Balsam and Pine – full strength. Mmmm. Yea, that was fun to smell all the way to work.

When I walked into work, someone said, “What smells like Christmas trees?”

Thankfully, my office is air conditioned, and someone had the great mercy to turn it on. Oh, but how I am dreading the dog days of summer.

It’s madness I tell you…madness!


Heidi said...

That is why I like Summer on the WEST COAST. IT is dry. I don't remember ever sweating like this when the make up would run.

Anonymous said...

You know I'd much rather sweat than shiver... the cold is only nice in blasts, but the heat is something to get used to...and not have to bundle up in...plus swimming! what a joy...and swinging...it's not summer and heat that are hard to take...it's the humidity, but I'd even put up with that over chills.