Wednesday, April 01, 2009

One of the Greats

As many of you know, I work for a non-profit.

What you may not know is that most non-profits are willing to do almost anything to bring in extra money. I mean, almost anything.

A couple of years ago, my boss was hired to help our company raise money and make new partnerships in the community. Within a few months of her hiring, she sent out an inter-office e-mail.

She said we had gotten a unique offer from the Winnebago County Health Department (WCHD). The WCHD wanted to offer free gynecological exams to disadvantaged women in our area.

In exchange for our promoting the service and allowing WCHD to do the exams at our location, we would receive a generous financial donation from the county.

My boss had offered our downstairs conference room for the location. The conference room would be completely sterilized, and all the equipment would be brought in from the WCHD. The doctors and nurses would be donating their time for the cause.

I thought it was a great idea and e-mailed her back. I told her that I had several friends who were currently without insurance and would appreciate the free exam. Our bookkeeper agreed with me and called her 17 year old daughter with instructions to start spreading the news at local high schools.

Other staff members thought it was tacky. “Come on! There’s a kitchen down there. We eat down there,” one of my co-workers complained.

By the end of the day, we were an office divided. About half of us were in support of the idea, while the other half was disgusted and put off.

I don’t suppose it’s any different from any other office, where controversy and disagreement can run rampant in the ranks.

We were shooting e-mails back and forth, sniping at each other in the hallways, and just generally behaving like a bunch of junior-highers.

In the midst of it all, we received another e-mail from my brand new boss.

In the e-mail subject line were two words.

April Fools.

And with that, it became apparent that my boss – who we hardly knew at that point – had managed to pull the wool over an entire office of reasonably intelligent people. Within seconds, there was laughter pouring from every office, and my co-workers were chuckling in the hallway.

It’s the most thoroughly thought out and carefully phrased April Fools joke I’ve even been suckered into.

I have to bow in recognition of a master and wish you and yours a very Happy April Fools Day!

Here’s hoping you catch on faster than I do!


Alice said...

That's hilarious. I definitely would have been on the "That's gross" side. And to think we used to just leave phone slips for our bosses saying, "Mr. Fox from the Lincoln Park Zoo called." I definitely need to start upping my game.

Jennittia said...

That's such a good one!!! And the way you told the story, I really had no idea what was coming- I laughed out loud!

Juliet said...

All I have to say.."Got you!"

Heidi said...