Thursday, April 05, 2007

Y’all Ready for This?

Today is a headache day. I really can’t afford for it to be a headache day. But, no matter, my head is still pounding relentlessly. I can’t go home (much as I’d like to) since I’ve entirely too much work to do here!

Oh well, I’ve taken three Advil, drank slightly caffeinated green tea, and am thinking heavily about breaking my Diet Coke ban in order to free the headache demon currently sandblasting in my head.

Darn migraines! This is starting to feel suspiciously like one, and I know I can’t concentrate once it starts in earnest, in which case, I would have to go home (or have someone drive me home) since I would be incoherent. Hopefully, the drugs and caffeine will ward it off. Hopefully.

Anyway, I won’t spend my short time to complain about my headache (well, apparently, I will, but I mean not anymore…)

After my mixed-emotion post the other day, I thought I should post about something I am VERY excited about!!! I’m going to Tennessee to visit my cousins! Yea! (NOT spelled “yay” ever) My boss approved my vacation request, so I will be able to take the entire week of April 22 OFF!

Candice and I plan to leave on Sunday night. We’ll drive down together and talk (I’m assuming – we’re rarely mute). Grandma is also planning to go (we’re waiting to make sure her doctor signs off on the trip), along with Mom, Aunt Jan, and Aunt Louise. They will leave earlier and come back earlier than we will. They’ll probably bunk with Aunt Laurie, while we are planning to stay at Charity, Colleen, and BJ’s – suddenly the conservatives will be outweighed by the progressives – hang on BJ, we’re coming! Ha! Ha!

My poor cousin Colleen! I always tease her about being so conservative, but the truth is that I’ve always admired her for sticking to her convictions without imposing them or judgment on others. Goodness knows, I don’t do that! Well, I try, but when you’re so often right…

I am SO excited about the trip. I miss my sister-cousins and BJ, too. Without a doubt, BJ is one of the funniest, most talented, and under-appreciated guys I know. So what if we’re obviously related? (Smile) Seriously, I’ll bet if BJ wanted to…he could make anybody laugh. Although, I wouldn’t start with a parody of a Jeff Foxworthy skit, as that is, apparently, “lame.”

And I can’t wait to see Charity. The bane of my junior high existence is now one of my best friends, and I couldn't BE more happy to see her!

So, there’s a happy (albeit headache-y) post for today!

I hope they are going to be just as happy for US to invade their houses.

Watch out, y’all! The Rehfeldts are coming to Tennessee!

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