Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Gambling with Greetings

At church on Sunday, I wished someone a “Happy Easter.”

She replied “People have been saying Happy Resurrection to me, so I guess that’s what we’re saying now instead of Happy Easter.”

She looked a little ashamed as though she had been left out of the loop on the new lingo and that her “Happy Easter” sentiment had actually caused someone pain. I smiled and wished her “both” a Happy Easter AND Happy Resurrection and left church a little bit steamed.

Happy Resurrection? I mean, come on.

People have been saying “Happy Easter” forever, and now all of a sudden it’s not good enough for us? We have to go invent new greetings?

One of the reasons I like Easter (beside the obvious) is that I can wish my co-workers a Happy Easter and know that if they are Christians/Catholics…religious…they will take it in stride. And if they aren’t, they’ll assume I mean the “Easter bunny,” and everyone is okay.

Now, if I said “Happy Resurrection,” I have no doubt I’d be labeled the office sadist.

Why on EARTH would someone change a basic holiday salutation? Huh?

I have the reverence, awe, and dumbfounded wonder of any believer who knows the reality of what Easter represents. God’s amazing love, Christ’s extreme sacrifice, and my undeserving rescue from eternal damnation.

I respect the resurrection.

And that’s exactly why I don’t want it reduced to a snappy Christian catchphrase. Much like What Would Jesus Do became a joke parodied about by those who didn’t give one rip what Jesus would do.

Is this a new thing? Are we going to say “Happy Greeting to Mary’s Placenta” instead of “Merry Christmas” and “Blessed Bloody Wooden Structure Day” instead of “Good Friday” – is this the new trend?

If so, I’m not participating.

I’m SO tired of seeing gullible Christians swayed into thinking that they HAVE to participate in every whacked out, quasi-Christian-themed THING some crackpot thinks he saw in a vision.


All that to say, a Happy Belated Easter to all of you!


Heidi said...

I didn't personally have anyone use that phrase with me on Sunday. This may sound hypocritical and super-religious for lack of better wording, but I do not intend anything by it. Please don't take it personal, but whomever said that to you, should take it up with the person who offended, rather than add a third party in as now other people know that someone was "offended". One does not know the heart of the one who said the "offending" words.

Ann-Marie said...

I don't think anyone was offended. I was just annoyed more than anything. And I felt bad that the person who had wished me a Happy R felt bad she didn't know about the new "wording." I just don't think there's a reason to change it to anything other than Easter. But that's just me...

Heidi said...

Okay, that makes more sense. I am a little slow lately. Kids take away the mind. ha!