Monday, April 09, 2007


Whew! It’s amazing how therapeutic blogging is. I know some people aren’t comfortable letting their feelings show, but I’ve been an open book for as long as I can remember.

After my rage-filled blog (and amazing advice from Tob, as a result), I found myself able to see normal colors again (as opposed to only red). I spent the rest of the morning praying and asking God for help on how to approach the situation. It took a lot of holding “my real feelings” in as I talked to Brett. I tried to say everything very gently, with tact, and have my motivation be out of love.

Brett’s response to this was SO positive! He admitted where he had done things wrong, and even seemed surprised at some of the things I had been frustrated over. He didn’t realize they’d even had an impact on me.

It was such a relief to “make up,” and be on good terms again. When we’re happy together…we’re really happy.

This made my Saturday evening be SO much better than my Saturday morning. We spent the rest of the day…none of YOUR business…and then we spent the evening watching the last six episodes of Prison Break. Now, we just have to wait for Season 2 to be released. I already have it in my Netflix Queue!

On Sunday, we went to Easter morning service at our new church building! The building committee and decorating committee have done a wonderful job. It is really beautiful. It’s still quite a way from our house (“Why didn’t they move north?” – I lament often), but our church is still our church. They’d probably have to move to Chicago before it would be a hardship…we’d probably still go.

Meanwhile, Brett kept clearing his throat (nothing unusual about that – it’s his normal habit – years of breathing in plastic dust on the job and growing up with an asthmatic father who coughs as much as Brett does, so Brett thinks it’s normal for one person to cough that much – and it’s not – I’m always so annoyed. Anyway. Back on topic).

After a while, he decided to go to the immediate care clinic and was promptly diagnosed with strep throat. Since it is highly contagious, we had to call my sister-in-law and let her know that we wouldn’t be coming to Geneva for Easter dinner after all!

We were all disappointed, but it actually turned out all right. I was able to use the unexpected time to clean the bunny cages while Brett rested on the couch. Mom and Gary decided to go anyway and were even nice enough to bring back food for us!

It was kind of an up and down weekend. Firs there was our disagreement, anger management therapy (via blog), making up, and step throat. It was a little messed up, but we are back on good terms again. So that’s what matters most.

Also, Brett is famous again! The Rockford Register Star visited our church’s Sunday morning Easter Service and took a photo of Brett to accompany the story! I’ve already had congratulatory e-mails and phone calls from people. He was also on TV for the Lowe’s Grand Opening.

I wonder how much of his 15 minutes of fame he has left!

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Heidi said...

It was pretty awesome to be in the paper.
A mom of someone else who had a couple of minutes of fame in the same newspaper.